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Red Reposter - Don't forget to Tip your O'Neill

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The Reds are getting well soon
The returns of Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey, Jose Arredondo, Scott Rolen, Juan Francisco and Fred Lewis are imminent. But where to put them? And who to bump off the active roster? Bailey and Cueto go in the rotation, though it's possible Leake stays in the rotation somehow, with either Bailey or Wood going to the 'pen or Wood going to AAA. Leake could also become the longman. In any case, I'd be surprised if Leake is demoted. Juan Francisco doesn't seem to have a spot if Rolen is back and Fred Lewis becomes the 5th outfielder, which seems likely.

Also mentioned: Saturday's Votto Bobble Head night is a hot ticket. They're down to single seats and standing room.

Joey Votto will receive the Tip O'Neill Award on Saturday
I'm not sure what the Democratic speaker of the House from 1977 to 1987 has to do with Canadian baseball achievement, but I'm sure Joey is honored to receive an award named for a distinguished Congressman who worked for peace in Northern Ireland. Maybe one day Joey could falsify both a long-form and short-form birth certificate and become Speaker of the House!

Remember Fred Lewis?
The Leadoff Hitter Who Wasn't and then really wasn't, is mounting his comeback in a rehab stint with the Louisville Bats. Bats Blog, the Official Blog of the Louisville Bats, sits down for a chat. 

BP Unfiltered: Not Quite an Engel of the Morning
Includes video from a Blaze brawl last year, when they were a Texas affiliate. Engel Beltre, the Texas END, sparked that melee and was just suspended 15 games for throwing a trash can into the stands in San Antonio. I hope he put someone in the trashcan and said "Time to take out the trash" right before he tossed it. 

Bill James to Appear on the Colbert Report, May 5
The Godfather of sabrmetrics is trying out a new field in his newest book. In Popular Crime, James takes a broad look at crimes that have registered in the national conciousness, from the Lindbergh Baby to O.J. According to the press release the book looks at "how crimes have been committed, investigated, prosecuted, and chronicled, and how that has profoundly influenced our culture over the last few centuries— even if we haven’t always taken notice."

Arredondo moves up to Louisville
The Reds can only play the rehab shenanigans for so long. Arredondo is on the 40-man and is running out the string on his DL stint. There are probably two spots in the bullpen - one of which is the longman for the likes of Maloney, LeCure, Leake or Willis - and the other could be awarded, in the very near future, to Jose Arredondo.

Tweets of the Week:

RT@taulbee20:@TitanicStruggle:We should make tonight George Grande night/As long as the #reds end up on "the smilin' side of the scoreboard"

A better place to be than the "Barfing Face" side of the Jumbotron.

Joel Luckhaupt: 
"Baseball's an interesting game. It's different than other sports." - Cal Ripken

Quotable Cal. I also like the one where he said: "I played baseball. A lot. In a row."

Reds Facts:
I wish the #Reds did a "live" race of some sort like the #Brewers sausage race. The scoreboard races don't cut it.

Have to agree. It's hardly enjoyable to watch someone play a beautifully rendered 3D racing video game. This is a pre-recorded version of that experience run through an Atari Jaguar. For my money, the Presidents race at Nationals Park is the gold standard.

Joel Luckhaupt:
Off day to-do list: get someone to give Josh Johnson food poisoning. #Reds

Joel, that's mean. Let's wish him to miss his start in such a way that he is not personally harmed. Like his illegitimate child is born? Or he's traded to the Reds for Chase Weems.

John Fay: 
RT @peteventurajr: Will you keep supporting Gomes if/when he drops below.200, even with his walks and OPS?//can support himself, make $1.8

Well played. It's a good burn, though Pete kind of did himself in by suggesting Gomes is producing despite his average. And it kind of reads like you're telling Pete to make $1.80.