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Farmers Only: Can we have our East coast A+ affiliate back, please?

So I went to the Reds game with BK, tHan, and jch24 and just got back (about 12:45) .  So I go to do the minors write-up, and stupid Bakersfield still isn't done playing.  Ok, so there's a tornado warning here, so I'm now sitting in the basement with my sleepy parents.  Maybe by the time this thing is finished, Bakersfield will be too.  Regardless, I can't stress how dumb it is for an EST team to have a West Coast affiliate.  Aaaaand, Bakersfield is done.


  • Louisville won again, 4-2, to drive their record to 10-3 on the year.  Dave Sappelt did what Dave Sappelt do: 3-5 with a double and triple.  Yonder Alonso also had 2 hits and a walk.  He's starting to heat up a bit.  Chad Reineke got the win, lasting 6 IP and giving up the 2 runs.  
  • Carolina lost again, 6-2.  Justin Lehr, recently added to the roster, got the start and gave up 4 ER in 3.1 IP.  Mike Costanzo (Costanzo!) hit his 4th HR.
  • Bakersfield lost 4-2.  Curtis Partch was the bad-luck loser, giving up 4 unearned runs in 7.1 IP.  The Blaze committed 3 errors.  Josh Fellhauer had 3 hits including a homer.
  • Dayton won 7-2.  Tanner Robles is back in Dayton and made a strong start, lasting 5 IP and giving up just 1 ER.  Also, who says Billy Hamilton has no power?  He hit his first homer tonight.  Donald Lutz had 3 hits, including a double.  The team's bats finally came alive, racking up 12 hits including 6 XBH.