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Game 2 Part 3: The "Don't pull a Brewers and blow the lead" Thread

New threads, just because I need the practice.

Scott Rolen got the Reds rollin' with a homer in the first (wait, someone's made that joke before?), and Stubbs showed his wheels with an RBI triple after a sexy bunt by Travis Wood, whose mother must be extremely proud of her little guy. Bats have been pretty quiet since the second, and we're holdin' steady at 4-1, so let's Stay Positive, even though the mighty Erick Almonte's superhuman strength threatens our very existence.

Have I mentioned that I'm a big fan of this team? Also, hi e'erbody, this is my first thread! Like I said to the other mods when they [foolishly] brought me into the fold, please be gentle. I tried posting the original game threads and that didn't go so well, so big thanks to Gray for picking up my slack. Speaking of slack, Edgar Renteria's arm looks a little weak, no?