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Red Reposter - No, not that kind of "shut-down reliever"

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Your smile reaches the hearts of your teammates faster than any fastball will. Now de-inflame that arm and start throwing 105 again.
Your smile reaches the hearts of your teammates faster than any fastball will. Now de-inflame that arm and start throwing 105 again.

Even NBC cares about: Reds shutting down Chapman "for a couple days"
Allow me to pass along the news that Harball Talk reports that Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports heard via a Reds source that "they plan to shut Aroldis Chapman down for a couple days." The Ferris Buehler quote imperative demands that I say "I guess it's pretty serious" here, but apparently it's not too serious - though "inflammation" is very nebulous and can easily be a prelude to the DL. I do think the Reds have been plenty careful with Chapman to date - and it's valid to want to test his stamina as the season progresses - but 4 appearances in 5 days feels like too much, especially when the second appearance was 24 pitches and the third saw a noticeable decline in velocity.

John Fay has news, including more on the statuses of Chapman and Phillips
Jocketty tries to throw the PANIC kill switch, saying "there is no concern" with Chapman. Phillips seems to be OK too. Meanwhile, Fred Lewis starts his rehab stint in Carolina alongside Jose Arredondo. Both will likely be there for the maximum number of days allowed - which is 20 for position players and 30 for pitchers. Not only do they appear to need the time, but the Reds are managing OK up north.

The Emperor of Basehits turned 70 yesterday
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Red of All Time, according to the sidebar on the front page of this blog. They say 70 is the new 60, though when you wore a Gasoline suit and lived like Charlie Hustle, on-field and off, 70 might just be 70 (circa 1970).

Reds finally living up to their name by offering free tickets in exchange for a day's work
Instituting this currency-free good exchange using a proto-time banking scheme is the first step to a socialist utopia. Or Cincinnati Parks have no money and the Reds have some Top 5 tickets lying around and wouldn't mind a bump in concessions on a Tuesday night.

June First Year Player Draft Order has been released
Reds draft 27th, their lowest since 1995. The spoils of success. The one thing I'm struck by is that, especially if the Reds are going to keep having winning seasons while keeping payroll in the lower half of the league, they need to figure out a way to swing some compensation picks. That strategy has been pursued to good effect by the Rays and others and allows the farm to stay well-stocked.

Red Retweeter (Tweets of the Week):

Joel Luckhaupt:
I've broken this stat out before, but it's one of my favorites. The team with the most runners left on base since 1950? The 1976 #Reds.

And the guys they left out there on those bases? Were they ever heard from again?

Sam LeCure:
Caught me a few bass and a couple crappie today, if I wouldn't have caught anything it still would have been awesome. Back to #cincy

Two fundamentals of fishing: "Crappie" is always funny and fishing be fun even if you don't catch anything.

Barry Larkin: (Yes, THE Barry Larkin)
Ok...I have been encouraged to what's up

Off to a good start. Well, Barry, what's up is that you've achieved such a status that a simple "what's up" will get talked about on at least several blogs. Now get into that Hall of Fame!

Jon Morosi:
Lebron is a #Yankees fan ... partners with the #RedSox ownership ... and moonlights as a #Tigers pitcher: #Heat #NBA

Well, I'm annoyed. LeBron still leading the pack of NBA players that will try a mid-career sport crossover stunt.

CBS Eye on Baseball:
Big RBI within minutes of each other for the Patterson brothers, but then Corey makes the third out at home as the tying run

I'm impressed he found a way simultaneously to make an out while scoring a run.