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Red Reposter - Get ready to stay up late tonight

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  • Tough breaks in Arizona as Reds drop two of three
    Mark Sheldon notes that Mike Leake was not as bad as the final line (4.2 IP, 6 ER) sounds. In the fateful fifth inning, Leake gave up four consecutive singles but none were sharply hit. But then he made a mistake to Ryan Roberts, who clubbed a 3R HR and ended Leake's day. "I got a couple of unlucky rolls that went through for hits. And then there was a big mistake of throwing a fastball down the middle. They made me pay."
  • Reds to leave Cueto, Bailey behind in Arizona
    Cueto and Bailey will get some work in today and tomorrow at Goodyear before starting rehab assignments in Louisville, per John Fay. If all goes well, Cueto will start for the Bats on April 16, 21 and 26. Bailey is slated to start for Louisville on April 17, 22, and possibly the 27th.
    Sheldon also notes that Jose Arredondo will start a rehab assigning next week after throwing on Friday without any problems.
  • San Diego Tribune - Latos set for debut tonight against Cincinnati
    Enough bellyaching about Arizona. The Reds head to San Diego to start a three-game series this evening (well, 10 EST). On the hill for the Padres will be ace Mat Latos in his season debut. He's been on the DL with bursitis in his right shoulder. Padres Manager Bud Black said Latos, who pitched bullpen sessions Wednesday and Friday, will not face a pitch-count limitation.
  • Hal pleads patience with Volquez
    Opposite of Latos tonight will be Edinson Volquez, who's had two laborious starts so far.  Hal sets the record straight for all the haters: Some fans think he should be yanked from the rotation when Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey come off the disabled list. Cease and desist. It is only two starts.  Really, that could've been the entire column.   
  • Another setback for Jared Burton
    Burton, already on the 15-day disabled list with right shoulder inflammation, has been ordered to stop throwing. He noticed a problem in Thursday morning's bullpen session. His glittering 2008 appears smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror.
  • Enquirer - At 70, Does Rose have a Hall hope?
    With Rose just turning 70 and the end of Bud Selig's tenure in sight (you'll start seeing "12/31/12" bumper stickers soon, I predict), John Erardi starts off a three-part series on whether Pete Rose has a shot of getting into the Hall of Fame.  Among those interviewed are Reds historian Greg Rhodes and the George Will Sports Machine.  Here's Will's take: Gambling is the scarlet sin in baseball, (going back to 1919). ... Forgiveness is a virtue, but there's a difference between people forgiving him in their hearts and Baseball forgiving him (for the purpose of clearing his way to the Hall of Fame). Clearly, Baseball is in a pickle. The all-time home run leader (Barry Bonds) and one of the greatest pitchers ever (Roger Clemens) and the all-time hit leader (Rose) are not going to make it. It is a blow to the Hall of Fame ... To get Rose in (posthumously), you'd have to pair him with Shoelesss Joe, and even then it would take a Solomonic commissioner (to explain it)."  I don't agree with equating gambling to steroids.  But I do think there's a chance that the next Commish will take some kind of executive action enough regarding the evaluation of PEDs-tainted players, and that Rose could be piggy-backed off of it.  We'll see.  It will take years to work all of this out, and time isn't on Rose's side.
  • The Platoon Advantage: The All-Time Tiny Team
    Showing that size matters not, the Reds place three players on the all-time vertically-challenged squad.  You probably knew that Dolphe Luque, a light skinned Cuban, was exempt from the “gentlemen’s” agreement that kept blacks and Latinos out of baseball until 1947. What I didn't know was that Luque was suspended for six days in 1923 for going into the Giants dugout in the middle of the game and attacking Casey Stengel, who he thought had been hurling epithets at him on the mound.

After the jump, a look around the Central.

  • BLS - Did Clint Hurdle pull a fast one on Jim Tracy?
    Pittsburgh beat Colorado in 14 innings on Saturday when Jose Tabata hit a two-out double to score the winning runner from first. Pitching to Tabata sounds reasonable enough given that the Pirates' best hitter, Andrew McCutchen, was standing on the on-deck circle.  One problem - McCutchen wasn't the next hitter. Because of a prior double-switch, reliever Garrett Olson was due up.  Plus, the Pirates' bench was empty.  Maybe Colorado piches to Tabata anyways rather than risk putting the winning run on 2nd, but I doubt it. Well done, Clint Hurdle.
  • Cardinals schadenfreude
    On Saturday, Miguel Tejada launched a deep ball in the bottom of the 9th with the winning run on to left-center. Colby Rasmus appeared to get a good jump and be in position to make the catch, but perhaps distracted by LF John Jay, he dropped the ball and cost St. Louis the game. Ryan Franklin has now blown three 9th inning leads already. Thanks to johnu1 for the video link.  The news isn't all bad in St. Louis, as Matt Holliday rejoined the lineup yesterday and went 1-for-3 with two walks.
  • Chicago Tribune: Cubs wonder if juiced Manny Ramirez to blame for ruining their 2008 playoffs
    And by "Cubs wonder," I mean "Cubs beat writer wonders."  The author theorizes that Manny's PED use may have cost the Cubs a shot at glory in 2008, and then he slaps a player quote at the end that doesn't really say what the title of the article implies.
  • Brewers climb back to .500 by coming back against Chicago
    Casey McGehee didn't start off his season hot against the Reds, but yesterday he delivered a pinch-hit 2R HR against Kerry Wood in the eigth to put the Brewers ahead for good. Milwaukee is off today and then starts a series in Pittsburgh.
  • Bill Hall All-Stars extend openings to free safeties
    The Astros won an easy one against Florida yesterday, but there was some drama in the seventh when Marlins reliever Edward Mujica was ejected after beaning Bill Hall in the derriere on his only pitch.  It was certainly in retaliation for Hall's hard but clean slide into future Red Hanley Ramirez on Friday.  Unlike Swisher's slide, Hall did not raise his lead leg or veer to the side of the bag.  Still, there's no doubt that he attempted and succeeded in taking the fielder out.  Hanley sat out the rest of the series but will play on Tuesday.