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Cactus League Game 11: Reds @ Padres

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Cincinnati Reds
@ San Diego Padres

Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 3:05 PM EST
Peoria Stadium

Chad Reineke vs. Aaron Harang

TV: None; RADIO: XEPE 1700; WEB: Gameday/Gameday Audio

Sunny. Game time temperature around 75.

Due to continued visa issues, we don't get the Volquez vs. Harang matchup of our dreams today. It'll be strange to see Aaron wearing another team's laundry, but like a lover from an amicable breakup, it'll be nice to catch up and remember the good times. This analogy also works well because I assume, like me, you also make your significant other wear a hat with your logo on it. Aaron was a favorite in these parts - a bright spot amidst the misery (and miserable pitching) of the 00s. A gentle giant who was universally well-regarded as a teammate and an active force in the community. The refrain from Reds fans and press seems to be that we wish Aaron all the best, just that his worst outings happen to be against the Reds.

The Reds got a win over the Royals yesterday, though Travis Wood was shaky and the heart of the order (3-6, roughly) isn't doing much hitting. As long as everyone's healthy and possibly working out some specific elements of their game, there's little cause for concern. On the positive side, Dontrelle Willis turned in a convincing performance. The bullpen battles should be hard-fought until the end, with Burton, Maloney, Willis and LeCure all pitching like contenders thus far.

Paul Janish has been impressive on both sides of the ball. He made several slick defensive plays yesterday. If this is the season his major league batting line matches his production in the minors, he'll cement himself as The Shortstop, with potential to be a Cliff Pennington type - arguably one of the most valuable shortstops in the majors this side of Tulo and Hanley. Jeremy Hermida, who is not starting today, is also playing well. It could create an interesting dilemma if Hermida has a good spring andChris Heisey doesn't. I expected Heisey to be something close to a shoo-in due in part to the fact that taking Hermida leaves the team with know legitimate CF back-up, but the Reds may not want to lose Hermida if they think he can be potent weapon of the bench and left-handed foil to Gomes.

Today's lineup looks like a veterans rest day to me, with Ryan Hanigan and Brandon Phillips the only MLB regulars in the batting order (BP sat out the last few games with his back and neck listed as "NO BUENO.") Most of these guys, sadly, don't have a real chance of breaking camp with the team, but as Dave Sappelt keeps getting on base every other trip to the plate, he continues to bang on the depth chart. Todd Frazier will be stationed in LF. With the fragile state of Rolen and increasingly crowded outfield, it's not clear what his quickest route the majors will be - nor what position for which he's best suited. I'd always assumed his bat played better at 3B, but it's far from clear what his defense would be at the hot corner.

Jared Burton, Logan Ondrusek, Jordan Smith and Danny Ray Herrera are due to follow Reineke.


Cincinnati Reds San diego padres
Dave Sappelt CF
Will Venable CF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Jason Bartlett SS
Juan Francisco 3B
Orlando Hudson 2B
Yonder Alonso 1B
Jorge Cantu 1B
Chris Heisey DH
Ryan Ludwick LF
Todd Frazier LF
Chris Denorfia RF
Ryan Hanigan C Oscar Salazar DH
Daniel Dorn RF
Guillermo Guiroz C
Zachary Cozart SS
Kevin Frandsen 3B