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Red Reposter - The Kids are All Red, PLUS a new segment!

  • Dusty had a lot to say yesterday
    Hall o' Famer Hal has all the deets, but here are some of the highlights: On winning - "It’s what I desire for the city and clubhouse guys here," Baker added. "I’ve seen clubhouse guys who don’t make anything get playoff checks for a number of years in a row that secures their families, college educations for their kids and new houses they wouldn’t have had. And then there are vendors and restaurateurs - when the team wins, everybody wins."

    When asked if there were any surprises in camp this year, Dusty got a distant look in his eye, flicking his tongue on his toothpick - "Not a lot, actually.  Dontrelle Willis is not a surprise, just a hopeful situation to have him get back to where he once was. And it appears that he is there.  Then we have young guys looking good like Devin Mesoraco, Zack Cozart, Dave Sappelt - different guys like that.  We haven’t had the surprise yet like Mike Leake last year, but we still have three weeks to go in exhibition games. That person might still be out there." This is good news. I had always seen Cozart as a Mike Leake-type, and it's good to see Dusty agrees.

  • Sheldon has the rundown of post-game jaw-jabbering from yesterday
    Bronson Arroyo got knocked around a bit, giving up three home runs in his four innings of work. "I felt the same as the first two times out," Arroyo said. "I got a little tired after three innings but it's probably expected this time of year. I haven't felt great all spring but I haven't felt bad at all. Command is good. They hit three off-speed pitches out of the park." Edinson Volquez got into his first real game of the spring, having cleared up his visa issues. He was just fine, if a bit jet lagged.

  • Speaking of Volquez, he told his long tale of jet-setting and international intrigue
    It sounds like it was mostly just playing long-toss while waiting for his visa.  And listening to his iPod in the airport.  In the end though, he says he's confident that he'll be just fine for the beginning of the season.

  • Aroldis Chapman also threw in yesterday's tilt
    giving up a run and striking out three. He's working on his changup and it's looking better, according to Dusty. "He looked pretty good. He threw a real good changeup. He's been working on that. That would give him a third pitch to keep them off his fastball. He threw strikes with it. He threw a couple of good breaking balls. He looked a lot better this time than last time and that's the objective."

  • Our boy ken has an excellent overview of the last five GMs in Reds history
    It's a very even-handed stroll down memory lane, covering the last 20 or so years of Reds GMing history. The nicknames are a nice touch.

  • Justin at Blog Red Machine thinks Dave Sappelt deserves a big league shot sooner rather than later
    He has only 108 ABs in AAA to his credit so far, but they are fairly impressive (.846 OPS). I'm not sure what the Reds are going to do with him. He'll most likely begin the year in AAA as the starting CF, but it seems highly unlikely he'll unseat Drew Stubbs on the big league club. His easiest road to the majors is through LF, but the position shift could really kill his value. He showed impressive power (.507 SLG) last year, but I think it's unlikely he repeats that. His best-case outcome is probably something like a Carl Crawford-lite in LF, hitting for a good average with a bit of pop and playing above-average defense. But that's best-case. Too much talent is always a good problem, right?

    Now we'd like to introduce a new Friday segment here at RR called Reds Tweekly, or Red Retweeter, or Reds are a Baseball Team, and These Tweets Talk About Them, or something like that.  We've gathered all the best #Reds tweets of this week and present them to you here so that you may appreciate their conciseness and applicability.  After the jomp...


  • I'm quite certain tHom just referenced @jinazreds GABP article from the Maple Street Press #Reds Annual. Very cool!
    It is very cool, and you can experience the full effect of the coolness by checking your local news stands for the MSP Annual or ordering it here.  You'll wish it was less cool!

  • Lance McAlister: Reds being shutout...15-0. ...
    I blame Bob Bratkowski...this offense is so predictable.

  • Jamie Ramsey: Barry Larkin and Sean Casey
    are on the premises and in uniform. Time to party like it's 1999.

  • Chris Sabo's Goggles: Fun Fact:
    Ron Villone is still playing baseball. Ken Griffey, Jr. is not.  This is like Moamar Gahdafi (or is it Kahdafi?  Quadafy?  I've seen that man's name spelled at least five different ways the past few weeks) outliving Princess Di.  The whole universe is upset by this.

  • Jamie Ramsey: Here's your daily @Corky_M_Miller 'Stache Alert
    Corky taking advantage of our state-of-the-art video facility.  You know, I think someone needs to get Corky a blue dew rag, a leather studded vest, and a 'cycle slut.  If you're gonna go badass, you might as well go all-out badass, right?

  • Joel Luckhaupt:
    "Agreed to terms" = "Dear Player, Here's your contract. Love, Reds" RT @johnfayman All #Reds' unsigned players agreed to terms.

  • Ken Rosenthal: Photo of the day:
    Dontrelle Willis running man-made incline at #Reds camp.  Anyone with Photoshop skills want to have fun with this one?

  • Ken Rosenthal:
    Just saw one of my favorites, Eric Davis, at #Reds camp. Man ate cheeseburger while undergoing chemo during 1997 playoffs.