That'll be enough: Gomes talks to Cards, sets record straight

"The hardest part of my night was, 'How do I clean this up without backtracking, because I didn't do anything wrong,' " Gomes said. "I was just accused of doing something I never did. I'm not like, 'I shouldn't have said that,' or, 'I wish I would have said that behind closed doors.' I didn't do anything wrong. Flat out. "I don't need to play the villain in any movie. I have a [Fred Hutchinson] Award at home. I have two Heart and Hustle Awards. I don't have any villain awards at all. I've never had anything bad written about me my whole career coming up. Then all of a sudden I go home last night, and the blogs were on fire." -- Jonny Gomes "I just thought it was something humorous," McCoy said by phone. "I regret using it, but I thought it was a cute throwaway thing and I didn't think it would create this kind of furor. I love Jonny Gomes. He's one of my favorite people, and I'm sorry he has to be dealing with this. I didn't sleep last night." -- Hal McCoy (Jerry Crasnik, ESPN)