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MLB Dreamjob - How would you like to move to New York City and earn a living watching baseball this summer?

Major League Baseball has launched a contest where they will choose one lucky person to relocate to New York City and cover all things baseball. Think you have what it takes? Read on...


Wanna live here for the summer? Who doesn't?


From the email I received:

Major League Baseball is conducting a casting call for a baseball fan’s dream job.  The winner of this Dream Job promotion will move to NYC to star in a baseball web series and be a part of a live interactive experience for baseball fans that will include watching every MLB game over the course of the entire baseball season (simultaneously when multiple games are on at the same time), blogging opinions, interacting with fans through social media and appearing in video blogs.  The web series will be distributed on and through social media outlets. 

The winner will be a person who:

o   has an encyclopedic knowledge of the entire league

o   entertaining personality

o   unique writing style and voice

o   a sense of humor

o   be comfortable in front of a camera

o   and most importantly, love baseball


Fans can apply online at



   I asked the guy at MLB about room/board/laptop/internet access/etc and he assured me that "the person will be compensated and set up in a very cool environment", not that I would expect anything less from MLB.

   Now this may be the old man in me talking, but I think this is an incredible opportunity. We've all spent an inordinate amount of time and effort lambasting the media (both local and national) for the job they do in covering our favorite sport. Why not attempt to help fix the situation yourself?  Imagine being put up in NYC, watching every game, talking baseball on the internet, and actually getting PAID to do it! Chances like this don't come along often in life, so to those of you able to apply - GO FOR IT. If I were in a position to apply I already would have. Click the link, apply, and go do great things. I expect nothing less from the great minds here at Red Reporter.


Just promise to remember your 'ole uncie jch when you make it big, okay?


EDIT 2: Per the fine gentleman at MLB, please send any questions you may have to