Just maybe, you can gnash fewer teeth now

After reading the excellent post by riverfront, I glanced to the right sidebar and noticed this headline from Fanhouse: "Aroldis Chapman Has Future in Reds' Rotation, but Bullpen Awaits in 2011" So I clicked the link and sure enough, there was Bryan Price talking about the plan for our favorite Commie.

A good point is made in the article, but I think it needs expanded on: Randy Johnson was just an OK pitcher until he quit walking people; it wasn't until '93 (as a 29 year old) that he became RANDY JOHNSON, and if you look only one thing changed: he went from walking 5.7 per 9 IP in his career to that point to never again walking more than 3.8 and averaging 2.7 for the rest of his career.

Price also doesn't hide that Chapman fills what they see as a "need" in the short-term, but if he can learn to control his pitches better by working in the bullpen for a year, he'll turn into the dominant force we all assume he will be that much sooner. And the Reds, it seems, are still committed to making him a starter.

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