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2011 - The Greatest

Homer don't play that.  Video game.
Homer don't play that. Video game.

Saves by Francisco and homers by Votto,
"Blogging since 1869" was our motto,
Trades for pitching that promise us rings,

These are a few of my favorite things.

It might have been a forgettable baseball season for the Reds this year. But outside of the frustrating one-run losses and bases-loaded strikeouts which #occupied way too much of my attention, there was plenty to celebrate in the greater world. And not just inconsequential events like political revolutions or the end of a war, but important things like movies, music, and video games. Jamie Ramsey polled various Reds about their favorites in 2011 - here's a snippet:

  • Latos: Favorite "Thing" - Getting a late birthday gift of being traded to a talented team ready to compete!
  • Heisey: Favorite "Thing" - Shooting my buck in Arkansas with Travis Wood. (check out the pic)
  • Homer: Favorite Video Game - Video games are making kids FAT and LAZY, I dont play them.

So what were some of your favorite things in 2011?