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Merry Christmas from Red Reporter/Do they know it's Tradesmas?

Merry Christmas from your Friends, Power-drunk Blog Administrators and Internet Sparring Partners at Red Reporter! We hope your Holidays are bright and warm.

While I do sincerely hope you consider those less fortunate during this time of year, in the parallel reality of baseball fandom, these include supporters of rebuilding teams and skeptics of aggressive trading. To whom I offer the following:

It's Christmas time,

there's no need to be afraid.
At Christmas time
we're Latos-high and we relish trades
And in our world of plenty
we can spread a smile of Joey
Throw your arms around the Walt
at Christmas time.

But say a Brayer,
Bray for the other ones.
At Tradesmas time, it's hard
but when we're having fun
There's a world outside your (2-year) "window"
and it's a world of dread and fear
Where the only talent flowing is
the hitchy-er swing of AA-ers
When the GMs phones are ringing
it's next season's chimes of Doom
Well, tonight thank Walt, it's them instead of you.

And there won't be Gio in Oakland this Christmas time

The greatest gift they'll get is relief ($)

Where only ivy grows
No RyHan and Rivers throws
Do they know it's Tradesmas time at all?