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Last minute shopping

As we now know, the final price for Sean Marshall was Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt and Ronald Torreyes. I haven't been able to convince myself I like this trade - because I think Torreyes and the rental-ness of Marshall puts it in the "overpay" column - but I'm open to being visited by the Ghost of Tradesmas Future. I'm excited about Sean Marshall, who is absolutely an elite reliever. And Torreyes has just 331 PAs at A ball. Any one of an infinite number of futures await him over the next five years of his career, so as an unheralded prospect miles away from the majors, he's the kind of trade chip you want to deal if you're the Reds.

No word yet on an extension. Jocketty is in the middle of a presser that started at 3pm today.

The Reds have also acquired Josh Judy off waivers from the Indians to fill a 40-man vacancy. Judy has some intriguing minor league numbers, especially in the K-rate column (10.4 K/9). Along with Luis Atilano, he could be a minor offseason acquisition that provides a boost to the bullpen.

Since Marshall is tapped for the set-up role, the Reds are still looking for their closer. Especially given the number of prospects or quasi-prospects dealt this offseason, I don't see any reason for the Reds to re-sign Cordero other than they all just love working together (which is not immaterial). They'll get a third Top 40 pick if they let him go and they have a good chance to acquire someone with more upside in 2012.

With Sappelt gone, the LF cupboard is strikingly bare. Right now, the depth chart is something like: Heisey, Frazier, Phipps. I'd have to think getting a LFer would be as important a priority as getting a closer.