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The Week Ahead

Welcome to the week of November 28, where you can relieve any food guilt or post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas torpor with the realization that Redsfest looms on the horizon. Barring a blockbuster trade, the annual Reds-apalooza at the Duke Energy Convention Center will probably be the most significant event in Reds Country at least until the Winter Meetings. It starts this Friday (December 2) and, just like the Mangrove and Sons Septic Tank Servicing Red Reposter, now has a titular corporate sponsor: Fox Sports Ohio.

According to our Red Reporter calendar, you can probably stay in that food-induced coma until friday. Did anyone stop by the Moeller card show?

  • Monday: That's today. And if a major league front office is anything like a regular office after a holiday weekend, very little work will get done. Some work might actually get un-done. If someone accidentally gets sent through waivers, I have my own personal opinion on who it should be.
  • Tuesday: Chad Reineke will not be going around signing with a bunch of major league clubs because, among other reasons, he just re-signed a minor league contract with the Reds. Reineke pitched earlier this month in the Venezuelan Winter League.
  • Wednesday: Will this be the day Yonder Alonso is traded? I can't help but think it won't be.
  • Thursday: Deadline to request outright waivers in advance of Rule 5 draft. Unless this too has changed under the new CBA, the Reds are going to have to outright someone from their recently filled-up 40 man if they want to think about taking anyone in the December Draft.
  • Friday: Redsfest gets underway in downtown Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Convention Center at 4pm.

Anything to add to the calendar. Drop a line in the thread.