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The week ahead

This week, we'll have the answer to at least one burning offseason question: Will the Reds do anything before Thanksgiving? We do not, however, have the answer yet to the question of why the Reds filled up their 40-man roster and included at least one player who didn't appear to be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft. But since Walt passed the test on Phillips' and Cordero's options, we'll wait to see where he's going with this.

The Reds may not do anything of note during this shortened Turkey week, but that doesn't mean some things might not be done around or near them. For one, under the new CBA, singingType A relievers no longer forces the signing team to give up draft picks. So we may see a rush on Cordero and other post-Papelbon closers soon.

Here's a look at the week. Stay current on Reds and baseball-related offseason events with the Red Reporter calendar.

  • Monday: AL MVP announced, 2pm ET.
  • Tuesday: NL MVP announced, 2pm ET.
  • Wednesday: Midnight deadline for ranked free agents to be offered arbitration. CoCo isn't going to get an offer unless the Reds go nutzoid,  but Ramon Hernandez still might.
  • Thursday: Thanksgiving. After a the cornucopia full of misshapen gourds this season, all the more reason to indulge in excess. There's plenty to be thankful for though. For one, the Reds will not be signing Clint Barmes at 2 yr/$10.5 to fill their veteran shortstop opening. There might actually be a team out there that's disappointed they won't be signing Clint Barmes for $5M a year, although it could be the Reds.
  • Friday: Moeller Card Show gets underway at Moeller high school.
I know, kind of a snooze. But as I get older, I've come to realize that's kind of the point of Thanksgiving. Make sure to get to the living room couch first, so you don't have to pass out on the love seat with a bad angle on the TV.