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Phillips wins a Silver Slugger

This is not a FanShot only because I wanted to attach that yearbook spread of the NL GG winners. It's a good thing the levelheaded Canadian is in between Molina and Phillips. BTW, Prince Fielder was awarded the SS at 1B over Joey Votto.

Brandon Phillips got his second award in as many days when it was announced he was the NL Silver Slugger recipient at second base. (More info from here.) Melt it all down and you've got the rubber stamp on the best second baseman in the NL for 2011. That, and more money: at least $250,000 more in incentive pay on his '11 salary for the Gold Glove (no Silver Slugger bonus was listed that I could see) and possibly a little bit more bargaining power in extension talks. Phillips and his agent have the clean sweep of awards for second basemen to point to when they make the argument that he'd be paid like Chase Utley if he were to hit the open market after the 2012 season.

Just waiting on that Platinum Pashmina.