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Red Reposter - Again with the speculation

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You won't like him when he's angry, because it means he just gave up runs.
You won't like him when he's angry, because it means he just gave up runs.
  • The Reds have no money and are talking to nobody
    Walt Jocketty checked again under the couch cushions, but the money for a splashy free agent signing isn't there. Per Fay, Jocketty spent last week in budget meetings and hasn't even reached out to representatives for Phillips or Cordero. He'll be in Milwaukee this week for the GM meetings (the winter meetings, when most of the action occurs, is next month). "We’d love to [sign C.J. Wilson or Jose Reyes] but we won’t be doing anything like that. We’ve got to be more creative."
  • Brodie Greene shines; other Fall League notes
    Brodie Greene, a middle-IF who spent most of the season at Bakersfield, drove in three on Saturday with a couple of hits in an 8-2 Desert Dogs win. In 19 AFL games, Brodie's slashing .301/.386/.466 with 13 RBIs. Meanwhile, Brad Boxberger pitched a scoreless inning in the Futures Game.  Foxy Boxy blogged that he managed to "not make my parents and girlfriend in the stands too nervous" with a 1-2-3 inning. Carson Cistulli notes that the age-advanced Travis Webb has made a strong showing in Arizona this fall.  Finally, over in the Dominican League, Juan Francisco is devouring opposing pitchers to the tune of .322/.380./559.  
  • SI suggests Roy Oswalt on a one-year deal
    I have my doubts about a smallish, mid-30s pitcher with a bad back. But for one year, it could be worth a shot depending on what Dr. Kremchek has to say. 150 innings with a low-3 ERA might not be the ace we crave, but it would be a boost to the rotation.

  • Masset's tough year
    2011 is one to forget for Nick Masset, but I'm confident we're going to see a rebound. Sheldon points out that the Masset-hound got only four DPs last year, compared to seven in 2010 and 11 in his first full year with the Reds. Given that Masset induced slightly more grounders (50%) in 2011 than in 2010 (47%), I think the fewer DPs was just bad luck. A BABIP forty points higher than 2010 and four balks, which was four more than in the prior two years combined, also point to bad luck. But Masset's performance is worth a closer look given his unusually broad repertoire, decreased K-rate, and his importance to the bullpen. Dusty: "In the case of Masset, it's more of missed location and pitch selection to me, versus a loss of stuff." 

  • #GQSwagShawty at the Golden Gloves
    Brandon Phillips displayed his haute couture at the GG ceremony, in what can charitably be described as a non-subtle three-piece. Oh well.  Not everyone can dress like Steve Nash.  If BP is looking towards relocating to a fashion-forward Canadian market, Toronto might be a good the only choice.   According to this Toronto writer, Phillips is "available."  There's no cite, not even the oft-quoted Unnamed Source.  My guess is that he doesn't realize the Reds picked up the option.

  • Blue Wahoos frolicking into Pensacola
    The enthusiasm surrounding the Reds' new AA affiliate is palpable. Pensacola is building a new stadium, the 5,000-capacity Maritime Park, will boast striking views of both Pensacola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. 2,100 multi-year season ticket plans have already been sold.  HT to the Blog Red Machine.

  • Yes, another article on the merits of trading Votto
    ESPN's David Schoenfield takes a look at recent trade history to determine whether the Reds should deal their MVP. Generally I agree with him - you need stars on contending teams, and there's a lot of risk in hoping that the prospect booty works out.  But the best argument against trading Votto is that in order to extract as much talent in such a deal, you have to take on mostly lower-level minor leaguers.  Nobody wants to give up more than one Mesoraco-type.  But they are occasionally wiling to part with a package of promising A-ballers, like Atlanta did in the Teixeira deal.  I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to wait another few years to see how the trade turns out.
  • Happy birthday, Buck
    Happy 100th to John "Buck" O'Neil, the late, great Negro Leaguer, coach, and ambassador of the game. If you haven't yet read Joe Posnanski's The Soul of Baseball, you should do so this winter.
  • Mmmm ... Poutine
    BPro lists some foods they'd like to see at the ballpark, and includes the oft-discussed poutine: This Quebecois combo of French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy was a staple of Olympic Stadium in Montreal... poutine in its most basic form is deep-fried tuber, sour milk fats, and beef gravy. This is a dish that lets your cardiologist keep both a wife and mistress in style.
  • Can you believe it?! Pat Burrell retires
    And by "retires," I don't necessarily mean to the boudoir of some local co-ed. Pat the Bat's been fighting a foot injury and has decided to call it quits. A pretty damn good career, both on and off the field.