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Red It, Watched It, And Wept - Week of 11/11

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Covering what other writers are too scared too preoccupied with actual news to cover.


We here at RIWIAW don't need to resort to unsubstantiated rumors in order to reward our readership. However, that's only because we're not that clever. 


Saturday: Bad Outfit, Worse Credit

Even in the realm of dental hygiene, Pete Rose stirs up controversy. It was reported today that the Hit King, former Red, and possibly former inveterate gambler, owes his California dentist over $2,000 for a 2010 dental procedure. Allegedly, the dentist brought suit when Rose offered to pay for the procedure with 250 of his autographs. Also named in the suit is Pete Rose’s barber, whom Rose owes $4.56 for receiving four decades worth of haircuts. 


Sunday:  No News Is . . . No News

There are no slower news days in baseball than off-season Sundays during football season. This means that if you are in charge of a baseball team, don’t do stupid things on Saturday. It totally makes you the poster-child of the news cycle. The Baltimore Orioles are still trying to learn that lesson. Also, when there's a possibility that race may appear to come into play regarding a hiring choice, having people like Luke Scott on your team doesn’t help.



Monday: Red Reporter Has Aptitude

Sometimes, you can put together a great charity event premised off of a television show (Who’s Your Daddy themed baby showers rock!). However, if you’re going to do it, you need to be original. Enter this year’s Redsfest and their Cincinnati’s Got Talent Contest. I’m not knocking them for doing a [Fill In The Blank]’s Got Talent. The greater problem exists with the fact they’re not the first, or the second, or the third group to come up with the idea for Cincinnati. 


Tuesday: Maureen Dowd is Still Employed?

Red Reporter mainly exists to provide a place where Brendanukkah can get green comments Reds fans discuss the team. However, that doesn’t prevent the folks at RIWIAW from musing about the Penn State scandal. When we do so, though, we must remember to perform due diligence when it comes to researching the topic. Those efforts put us above the New York Times as well as random angry people


Wednesday: Sweating The Details

Don’t you wish something like Politifact existed to fact check baseball owners and general managers? ("We have no money and are talking to no one." = Mostly True) Today’s Pants-On-Fire Rating is awarded to the President of the Florida Miami Marlins, David Samson. Samson projects that the Marlins will draw 30,000 fans per game at their new stadium. What Samson fails to mention is that, in order to accomplish this, the Marlins’ stadium, during home stands, will be the only cooling center in the city during heat emergencies. 


Thursday: Comment of the Weak

We enjoy showcasing our entirely subjective Red Reporter Comment of the Week. During some weeks, though, either there isn’t enough quality content or we have already exhausted the number of Penn State jokes reasonably acceptable in an article. When these things happen, we trot on over to the comments made at the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website to see what some of those racists strong minded people think. Well, here you go! 



Friday: Thank Your Veterans

We here at RIWIAW work two hours before our deadline seven days a week to find stories, comments, and tweets you may have missed or have overlooked. This week, we go the extra mile just to express our dearest thanks to all those veterans out there.