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Farmers Only: Predict the Reds 2014 Lineup

BK and I, in the absence of any real or significant prospect news to report on, decided to present our fine readers with a fun exercise.  We want you to predict the Opening day roster for the 2014 Redlegs.  This is stolen from something Baseball America does each year in their organizational prospect rankings.  In addition to an organization's top 10 prospects and best tools, they list their projected roster for each team in 3 years.  BA releases its Reds top prospects list soon (November 16th), so before we get their predictions, we want you to make your own.

Of course, there are ground rules.

1) You can only choose from players currently in the organization.  That means no Russian billionaires buying the team and signing Pujols, Sabathia, Jimenez, and Reyes. 

2)  You can assume that players will sign contract extensions.  For example, Joey Votto is not signed through 2014, but if you think he'll re-up and still be on the team, that is fine.  Alternatively, you can also assume players will be released or traded.  If you think Jay Bruce is a bum and is off the team by 2014, you don't have to include him, even though he's currently under contract through then.

3)  Players must be listed at the position in which they currently play.  No making Billy Hamilton the starting CF.

4) You are only listing a starting 8, 5 starting pitchers, and a closer.  We don't care about UT infielders or middle relievers.

It's up to you how you want to do this.  You can either predict what Walt will do, or you can say what you would do if you were GM.  Do you think Walt signs Brandon Phillips through 2014?  Would you?

Of course, all of these rules mean that none of us will actually be right.  This is just a fun exercise to think about how we would use the current talent in the organization.

Find BK's and my predictions after the jump, and leave yours in the comments. Happy predicting!


nycredsfan BK
C Devin Mesoraco Devin Mesoraco
1B Yonder Alonso Neftali Soto
2B Henry Rodriguez Ronald Torreyes
SS Zack Cozart Zack Cozart
3B Todd Frazier Juan Francisco
LF Yorman Rodriguez Yonder Alonso
CF Drew Stubbs Drew Stubbs
RF Jay Bruce Jay Bruce
SP1 Aroldis Chapman Aroldis Chapman
SP2 Johnny Cueto Johnny Cueto
SP3 Mike Leake Homer Bailey
SP4 Homer Bailey Mike Leake
SP5 Daniel Corcino Travis Wood
CL Brad Boxberger Brad Boxberger