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ALDS Game 5: Just the Tigers tonight

The final showdown to decide the divisional series between Motown and Gotham. As noted elsewhere, it's kinda weird that the decisive Game 5 is a Doug Fister-Ivan Nova matchup. I don't need to explain what's weird about that, I don't think - above and beyond the fact that the pitcher opposing Detroit shares his name with a famous Chevy model.

This series has seen pitching plans for both teams thrown off by the Game 1 rainout. But it's not actually that odd to find these two men on the mound in a win or go home situation. Both were excellent down the stretch in September. Fister was an incredible boon to the Tigers after beginning life in Detroit as a somewhat forgettable deadline pick-up. He finished the season with a 1.79 ERA in 70 innings with his new team after coming over from Seattle. It is odd, however, that Justin Verlander is completely off limits for this game - if it is, in fact, due to planning for games that may never come. There may, however, be a totally valid physiological and Verlander-specific reason for not pitching your 28-year-old Cy Young lock (who is signed through 2014) in cold weather on 2 days rest.

DET @ NYY (Series tied 2-2)

8pm, Yankee Stadium

Doug Fister vs. Ivan Nova

Coverage: TBS,