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Arizona Fall League begins today

The Arizona Fall League - the annual prospect showcase featuring teams named after recreational activities and desert scrub animals - gets underway today. A word of warning, via Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus:

Beyond the small sample sizes provided by a season that consists of approximately 30 games, you have a hugely offensive environment that is only bolstered by the imbalance of talent, as hitting far outweighs the pitching.

BP highlights Jazz Man as the premier catcher in the AFL. Here are the Reds' players taking part, all as members of Phoenix Desert Dogs, who apparently spit on the Diamondback's turf claims, even in the midst of their playoff run:

Bradley Boxberger, RHP (who contributed a post to the AFL Prospects blog)
Donnie Joseph, LHP
Nick Christiani, RHP
Travis Webb, LHP

Yasmani Grandal, C

Cody Puckett, 2B
Brodie Greene, SS