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ALDS Game 3: Rays-Rangers, Tigers-Yankees

TEX @ TB (Series tied 1-1)

5pm, Tropicana Gymnasium

Colby Lewis vs. David Price


NYY @ DET (Series tied 1-1)

8:30pm, Comerica Park

CC Sabathia vs. Justin Verlander



Just the AL tonight. The dream match-up of Verlander and Sabathia was deferred after Friday's rainout. But the Freud quote John Updike applied to Ted Williams works here too: "Some obstacle is necessary to swell the tide of libido to its height." I don't presume to know what form your affection for this baseball season takes, but you have to admit: Verlander put up some pretty good-looking numbers. He lead the AL in wins, games started, innings, ERA, ERA+, SO, WHIP, and H/9. The sure-to-be consensus AL Cy Young winner has an outside chance at the MVP (he tied Bautista in bWAR). IF the Tigers can get past the Yankee ace with a 2-1 advantage at their backs at home, they could pull this thing out.

Meanwhile, in Tampa, the Rays have outscored the Rangers 15-8. But the series is knotted at 1. The nice thing about the playoffs, though, is that you can throw out everything but the "win" and not feel all guilty about it.