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Quick 40 Man Roster Update

Congratulation, I'm sorry.
Congratulation, I'm sorry.

The Reds 40-man roster stands at 40 again with the addition of Denis Phipps, who was added a few days a go to seek shelter from the Rule 5 Draft. For practical purposes though, the roster is actually at 38 as it still lists the names of free agents Edgar Renteria, Ramon Hernandez and Dontrelle Willis, but not Zach Cozart (who has to be returned to the 40-man at the conclusion of the season).

Other notable players still sitting in the cold void of eligibility for the major league portion of the Rule 5 Draft are below. This is not a complete list. (Eligibility rules here. Drafted players must stay on drafting team's active roster or MLB DL for entire season)

James Avery

Eric Campbell

Tom Cochran*

Mike Costanzo

Jerry Gil

Bill Rhinehart

James Skelton

Neftali Soto

Travis Webb

*Not 100% on this one, since he played independent ball

Let me know if I've left anyone out. Compiling this list is a little tricky, as they've recently changed the rules and it's not always easy to get the cut-off information straight, both for age and elapsed time since signing.

The gist of it is: I think it's very unlikely they add anyone else beyond Phipps and Soto, with the possible exception of Jerry Gil. No one here is likely to be a factor in the Reds' future plans at the major league level - nor, mostly for that reason, particularly vulnerable to being placed on the active roster of another major league team next season.