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World Series Game 7: Adrian's Revenge?

The MVP of the World Series? You guessed it, Frank Stallone.
The MVP of the World Series? You guessed it, Frank Stallone.

The Reds' disappointing 2011 performance aside, this has been a fabulously exciting baseball season - perhaps one in a generation. Instead of an anti-climax, we instead got whatever the opposite of that is. And baseball served it up both the final day of the season and in the World Series. Sure, tonight's game could end up being an uninteresting blowout, but the series already had a game six last night that puts it in the same rarefied air as the 1975 World Series. 

Of course, if David Freese and the Cardinals are to the 2011 WS as Carlton Fisk and the BoSox were to the 1975 World Series, then not only do the Cardinals lose, but the Reds win. REDS WIN.

But if the Reds can't win tonight, then one of these two teams probably will. Game Sevens aren't that uncommon (there have been 8 in the last 30 years, or one every 3.75 yr), but it's been almost 10 years. The last one was 2002, when John Lackey led the Angels to a Championship over the Giants. The World has been turned upside-down since then, apparently. That could favor the Rangers, who are the oldest franchise never to win a World Series.


8:05pm, Busch Stadium

Matt Harrison vs. Chris Carpenter