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Aroldis Chapman pitches today in the Arizona Fall League

He was just being coy by pitching 1 inning in his first outing.
He was just being coy by pitching 1 inning in his first outing.

3:35 PM Eastern

Gameday link is here.

As many as six other members of the Reds organization could be taking part, including Yasmani Grandal. Grandal was recently activated after an injury to his middle finger on his catching hand. Possibly giving the finger to some prospect junkie who ranked him below Devin Mesoraco? He's four for 12 so far. 

After a one-inning tune-up on Monday, Chapman is expected to go again today for the Phoenix Desert Dogs. We now know that he's making a proper start Monday (October 31), which should set him up for starting and further stretching out when Puerto Rican Winter League action gets underway November 4 (rosters have not been made official yet).

The only thing worth tracking, I think, in the early days of his return to starting is whether he can stay in the zone. Chapman threw just 8 strikes in 16 pitches Monday. With the stuff Chapman possesses - and to the extent that his major league numbers are informative - he's well-positioned to do a lot of things exceedingly well: keep the ball out of play, limit extra base hits, hold runners. What we don't know is how much he can tamp down his walk rate. And the effects on his batted ball profile once he starts living more in the zone with a more diverse mix of pitches. 

There's no reason not to pound the strike zone in an exhibition against minor leaguers, so the limiting factor will be Chapman's ability to hit targets. Whether it's mechanical or mental will be up to debate.

Buena suerte.