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RR Reference Desk: More Cinformation than you Redquire

A little while a go, I stuffed a few new pages to the left sidebar of the site to provide quick reference to some hot stove-related information such as contract status and players out of options for the upcoming season. We've continued adding to the nascent and pretentiously-named "RR Reference Desk" section since then.

You can now find a link to a growing spreadsheet, pioneered by kcgard, which provides a report on injured players in the Reds' system. This document is intended to stay current, serving as a clearinghouse for information on injuries sustained and expected returns. Users will be able both to get a up-to-date snapshot of current injuries/prognoses and view injury history (limited to late 2011 to start). We're currently only tackling players on 40-man roster, plus roughly the Top 15 prospects. But future versions might see us expanding our patient population, and maybe also: logging injuries further back in time before 2011, closely tracking rehab updates and incorporating technology my tiny non-singularity brain can't possibly imagine right now.

Also at the Reference Desk, we've got our 2012 payroll projection. It's based on the fine work of Riverfront76, adjustments to Cot's 2011 baseline, some MLBTradeRumors arb estimates and my own private spreadsheet stash. At the most basic level, it should give a rough indication of how much payroll space the Reds have to work with this offseason. It's also wide open to debate and I'd love to have any feedback on where estimates might have missed the mark. Like the injury report, it's meant to be a living document. We'll keep current as contracts get inked over the offseason so it can serve as a quick guide to what every Red with a major league contract is making next season, even if the estimates seem screwy.

Thanks in advance for not disposing of chewing gum inside a book like I once saw some jerk do. Please stick it under a table or behind the Twitter feed.