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Whatever Series Game 4: Cardinals @ Rangers

Welcome to another one of these. For our European friends: Serie W: Real Cardinál vs. Rangers B.C. This Grantland article assigning NBA teams to their corresponding English Premier League clubs made me wonder what the equivalent match-up might be, in other sports, to Cardinals-Rangers. Or even in mediums other than sports: Kinky Friedman vs. Gorp Cranstonbarf, author of How to Complain About Stuff. (This is unfair - and not just because one of those is made up. TS Eliot and Jonathan Franzen are both from STL). 

Let's be honest: the Cardinals are probably going to win this World Series. Mostly because they've won twice as many games as the Rangers so far. Which means they can get away with winning as little as 50% of the remaining games. But also because the Rangers fare poorly given the following formula:

µ Championship (chance of winning) = (Mega-star having storybook postseason in walk year of contract)
(Game 4 starter facial hair good)(Actual games won in World Series)∑dwin Jackson coefficient / (How much I want them to win)

Cardinal resentment is becoming a little passé though, isn't it? A St. Louis World Series won in 2011 does not take away a World Series the Reds were never going to win in 2011. I can't get away from the only meaningful takeaway: that it's going to turn up the flame under Walt that should already be burning bright . If it doesn't, the Cardinals deserve to keep smarming their way to the top.


8:05pm, Arlington

Edwin Jackson vs. Derek Holland