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Whatever Series Game 3: Cardinals @ Rangers (Open thread)

Game 2 was a low-scoring nail-biter in which run prevention took center stage, including this fantabulous play. FanGraphs recently raved about Andrus and Rangers' second baseman Ian Kinsler as the best double-play combo in baseball (and darn you gutter minds for not letting me abbreviate "double-play"). It should be noted, however, that Phillips and Janish didn't have enough reps together to be considered for a three-year window of stable fielding data. With their NL Central counterparts hogging the spotlight (World Series and Theo Epstein coronation) we may have to resort to getting by on delusion for a while: Brandon Phillips and Paul Janish are the REAL best double-play combo in baseball. 

And speaking of offseason delusion, this series features the premier pitching and position player free agents entering the 2012 season in CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols - depending, of course, on whether CC Cabathia and Yu Darvish enter the fray. Here's hoping their WS heroics cause some NL team to overspend that much more.


8:05pm, Arlington

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