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Whatever Series Game 1 Open Thread: Rangers @ Cardinals


8pm, Busch Stadium

Chris Carpenter vs. C.J. Wilson


I won't say I'm not going to watch this World Series or that I don't care. Because that would be a lie. I watched most of a cricket game recently because I was already sitting down. But the mood in Reds Country is something quite different, if not entirely opposite, to the win-win outlook Arthur Rhodes enjoys. Although, appropriately, rooting for Arthur Rhodes is kind of a win-win: it's always nice to see the ol' B.A.M.F. succeed, but if he doesn't and happens to melt-down at a critical moment, not only does it not affect whether he gets a World Series ring, he'll also be making good on his promise to take it down from the inside.

Fortunately, beyond communing with all your fellow Reporters, there are also all kinds of odds and prop bets to trick yourself into caring about the outcome (courtesy of Bodog). Here's just a sampling (FULL DISCLOSURE: I don't know what these numbers mean and you probably shouldn't bet real money on the World Series):

Exact Series Result:
Texas Rangers 4-0 8/1
Texas Rangers 4-1 4/1
Texas Rangers 4-2 4/1
Texas Rangers 4-3 9/2
St. Louis Cardinals 4-0 18/1
St. Louis Cardinals 4-1 17/2
St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 11/2
St. Louis Cardinals 4-3 19/4

Odds to Win the World Series MVP:
Albert Pujols (STL) 5/1
Nelson Cruz (TEX) 6/1
Adrian Beltre (TEX) 6/1
Josh Hamilton (TEX) 7/1
David Freese (STL) 10/1

Who will record more Hits, Runs & RBI's in the Series?
Adrian Beltre (TEX) +105
Albert Pujols (STL) -135

Who will record more Hits, Runs & RBI's in the Series?
Nelson Cruz (TEX) -135
Lance Berkman (STL) +105

Who will hit more HR in the series?
Albert Pujols (STL) EVEN
Nelson Cruz (TEX) -130