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Renteria to Own: Reds agree to deal with Edgar Renteria

Craig Calcaterra at NBC Sports sez it's one year and $3M. Details are still a little sketchy, but that $3m could be the upper bound when incentives are factored.

Also via Calcaterra, apparently the El Heraldo of Barranquilla, Colombia, had the early scoop, complete with a callback to the Spanish version of Renteria's "lack or respect" remarks on the Giants previous $1M offer.

You have to think the base salary is more than that:

"Esa oferta de los Gigantes fue una falta de respeto. Una falta de respeto total. Para jugar por un millón de dólares, prefiero quedarme con mi empresa privada y compartir más tiempo con mi familia. Gracias a Dios estoy bien económicamente y mi dinero se invierte bien," dijo Rentería a la prensa colombiana y estadounidense.

What's the job description? Back-up, platoon partner or starter? He's going to bat second regardless though, isn't he?