Bill Bavasi talks Reds at a fundraising dinner


Lots of good stuff in this article, but given the nature of the discussion here recently, I'll draw your attention to one specific part. This is what Bavasi said when asked about Aroldis Chapman: "A decision has not been made, but I think it is going to be impossible to get him out of the bullpen," said Bavasi. "You build your pitching staff from the back to the front - if we can shut you down in the eighth and ninth innings, you aren’t going to beat us. Aroldis is killing people out of the bullpen and we’re OK with with what we have for starters," Bavasi added. "And Arolidis is not going to be able to throw 105 miles an hour as a starter." I know Bavasi isn't Walt, but I also think this is exactly what a lot of us are afraid of.