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RED REPOSTER! - You're a sweet one, Mr. Clinch

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"But he batted Orlando Cabrera in the 2 spot!" Shut up, geekwad, and give this man The Key!
"But he batted Orlando Cabrera in the 2 spot!" Shut up, geekwad, and give this man The Key!


It happened in perfectly cinematic fashion - on a home-field walk-off home run by Jay Bruce (a Jay Bruce who almost didn't make it into the starting lineup that day). The hero of the night, whose efforts put an exclamation point on the regular season (instead of an interrobang), represents both the very immediate present and bright future of the organization - and the hope that the 15 Year Playoff Cycle, while it served the aggrieved fan quite well, is simply outdated. 

The Reds have secured a spot in the playoffs, but there remain a few lingering questions:

Submitted sans snark or superfluous commentary. If you're champagne jam turned into an overnight drunk, you probably don't want to read much anyway. Pile on your links, amateur videos and ruminations:

Reds Video Section at Fox Sports Ohio
May I recommend "The Whole City is Happy," command performance by Dusty Baker?

Shot heard 'round the 'Nati - "Double Rainbow" of The Clinch?

Dayton Daily News: "Reds manager Baker: 'Let 'em party'"

Cincinnati Enquirer: "Homegrown Bruce comes through"

Revelry Highlight Video from the Enquirer

Official Benevolent State News: Reds can tally 10 reasons for postseason run

OMG Reds: Jay Bruce ’56 Retro Card "Reds baseball is fun again" 

Hall o' Famer Hal gets intertextual: "This one REALLY belongs to the Reds" 

This is not an ad or an amateur Photoshop job: 010 NL Central Division Championship Gear