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Red Reposter - Haiku

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Fan's banner is set
Champagne is chilled, bated breath
All that's left is one

Arroyo, Cueto
Wood, Bailey, Volquez. Who goes?

Votto MVP
Humility fuels desire
Team is important

Reds in the playoffs
opponent is still unknown
Last weekend is key

Red young men played well
Eyes squint, future looking bright
Hat tip RML

National writers
Witness the awesome presence
His day is coming

Shutdowns/meltdowns rate
Reds as average bullpen
Kenny Powers waits

Rob Neyer: smug prick
"Chapman may not last", he says,
Pissing in Wheaties

'merica's sports scribe
Sees Ichiro as Ryan
Counting and counting

Young Angel weeping
Justice is swift and hearts mend
Rest in peace, Nicky