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Red Reposter - Untitled Meltdown #3

This is the Reds.
This is the Reds.

When I went to write today's Reposter, I didn't have enough outlets available in my power strip to keep my computer plugged in. I probably could have unplugged the aquarium light, since I don't have any fish, but I might need to use it if I go out and buy some fish today - which I'm not going to do because I hate fish.

So I asked my cousin, Mario Sabocasey, if he could please write today's Reposter. I've written enough Reposters by now that I'm sure I can probably skate on the quality of my previous work. Mario's still learning English, but let's see what he came up with...

<<unknown file type>>

I like to the Rockies. Carlos Gonzalez is definately the best player. I don't really want to have done your written for you. See you!

<<unknown file type>>

In Health,


My bad. Forgot he was a big CarGo fan. Whoops.

Well, before my laptop runs out of power and I have to throw it away (probably), let me quickly say that I hate Colorado, including Pike's Peak and skiing.