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Farmers Only: Graduation Day!

Holy Fastball, Batman, what an exciting time to be a Reds fan.  I apologize for the tardiness and shoddiness of this morning's FO.  I came down with a fever last night.  My temperature got all the way up to 102.7 and was sitting above 100 most of the night.....

So if you haven't heard, promotions are coming in waves today, with Yonder Alonso, Carlos Fisher, and Corky Miller coming now and more on the way on Friday.  I, for one, am excited to see what Alonso can do in a few PAs.  He'll likely just be a PH, but don't be shocked if you see him get a start or two in LF.  Ok, on to the games!


  • Louisville lost 4-1.  It's really a shame their team is getting ravaged so hard by all of the promotions.  That must be tremendously frustrating for Rick Sweet.  In possibly Alonso's last game ever for the Bats, he went 1-3 with a walk and SB.  Dave Sappelt tripled.
  • Carolina won 9-4.  Chris Denove had 3 hits and Jake Kahaulelio hit his 12th homer.
  • Lynchburg lost 6-0.  Only 4 Hillcats got hits, all of which were singles.  Ezequiel Infante and Doug Salinas combined for 5 shutout innings in relief.
  • Dayton won 12-0.  Ricky Bowen pitched 7 shutout innings, Mark Fleury had 4 hits, and Kevyn Feiner and Henry Rodriguez each had 3.
  • Billings played a doubleheader, winning the first 7-5, and losing the second 3-2.  In the first game Billy Hamilton had 2 hits and stole 3 bases.  In the second he got picked off, but that still puts him at 42 SB to just 9 CS on the season (82% success rate).  What's most impressive is that he has done that in just 62 games.  This kid is an exciting player.  In the second game Yorman Rodriguez had 2 hits, including a triple.  
  • AZL Reds actually played in the AZL Championship game last night. (Who knew?)  Unfortunately they lost, 10-8.  Robert Maddox had 3 hits, including a homer, Yasmandi Grandal had a hit and walk, and Kurtis Muller had 3 hits, including a triple.  Finally, remember this name: Ronald Torreyes.  He was signed out of Venezuela, and he doesn't turn 18 until tomorrow, but in the AZL this year he put up a .349/.379/.494 line after tearing up the Venezuelan league.  Add him to the list of exciting teenage players to keep an eye on next season.