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Red Reposter - Joey Votto vs. Mike Ditka

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Red Reposter's Reupholstered Reposter Recliner brought to you by 'WKRP's slovenliness and unquenchable thirst for strawberry Quik.  - 4.90, 4.69, 3.87 - Johnny Cueto's FIPs over the first three seasons of his career.  We have been watching this kid grow into a man before our very eyes.  He's turning into a pretty convincing staff ace, and it's all about preventing walks and home runs.  His BB/9 have dropped by 0.3 every season and his HR/9 have dropped even more precipitously.  His K/9 has dropped too, but I think that's a tolerable side effect of his maturation.  He came up as a thrower, burning that mid-90s fastball by hitters.  He's turning into a pitcher though, and that's just fine.

  • Blog Red Machine reminds us of Joey Votto's comments about Chicago
    At the All-Star Game, JV started a brouhaha when he made a joke about how Marlon Byrd is a wiener or something. It was all a misunderstanding though, aside from Joey's dislike of Cubs' fans. "I don’t have a problem with any of the Chicago guys. I enjoy playing against them. I just don’t like their fans. I can’t stand hearing that ‘Go Cubs Go’ song." This could get him some guff at Wrigley this weekend. Ain't no thang though, 'cause Joey is a beast in Chitown, with a slash line of .322/.367/.667 in the Friendly Confines for his career.

  • Fay waxes prognosticatory
    He says if the Reds can go 27-26 the rest of the way, they will end with 88 wins. That should get them mighty close to a division title. I'd be much more comfortable with 114 wins, but that seems a tad unrealistic.

  • FanGraphs notes that the Reds current rotation is loaded with short fellas
    Short guys always got something to prove, so hopefully that burst of Napoleonic bravado can get this team into the playoffs. First the NL Central, then aaaaalllllll of Europe!!

  • Jayson Stark has some trade rumblings about the Reds in his latest column
    He also talks a bit about Joey Votto's quest for statistical immortality. But we know all about that. The rumors are what's really interesting. Apparently, the Reds were interesting in Houston's Wandy Rodriguez just before the deadline. The Astros weren't serious about shopping him, but it's odd to hear the Reds were asking about a starter when most believe the rotation is the strongest corps on the team.

    They also talked up Aaron Harang with the idea of trading him in the August waiver session, due in large part to that rotation surplus of which I just wrote. I'm not sure how I feel about that. He's been such a good soldier for so long, it would kinda feel like Moses and the Promised Land if he were to be dealt before the Reds make the playoffs (fingers crossed). Of course, I can't say I'd want him replacing anyone in the rotation right now. I guess we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.

  • We have all been frustrated at one time or another with the Reds baserunning
    Whether it is Brandon Phillips' apparent inability to steal a base or avoid a pick off, or Mark Berry's apparent inability to do his job at a remotely acceptable level, we can all rest assured that they have never done anything this stupid. Torii Hunter, newly minted Angels right fielder, committed an unforgivable sin the other night in a close loss to the Orioles. "[It] might have been the dumbest thing I've done in years," Torii said. No, he didn't spill NesQuik all over my favorite chair without telling me or cleaning it up (/shoots glare over at 'WKRP), but you can check out the video. It's sad, really.

  • Fay sez Yorman Rodriguez injured his hand the other day
    No word yet on the severity of the injury, but Terry Reynolds hopes he'll be back before season's end. In case you didn't know, Yorman is a boy of extraordinary talents. He's 17 and killing Pioneer League pitching, which is on average over 3 years older than he is. In case we don't see him the rest of the season, look for him this winter when he will be showing up on a number of prospect lists.

  • According to some stupid bookies at
    the Cardinals are pretty heavily favored to take the division.  The Reds odds are 6/5  right now, but I'm thinking by this time next week they will be significantly shorter.  SWEEP THE CARDS!