Giants Series Preview, A Planetary Perspective.

8/23, Mars and Venus well placed, Virgo begins.

Mars is at 120° which is a very good thing for Jay Bruce, Scott Rolen, Mike Leake, Arthur Rhodes, Jonny Gomes, and Laynce Nix. For these players Monday is a time of great physical and emotional health. It is also a good time for material gain; perhaps Gomes finally has #100 coming his way.

Venus is also at a favorable delineation. Mondays ballgame bringing emotional balance and a sense of satisfaction to Drew Stubbs, Paul Janish, Francisco Cordero, Miguel Cairo. Today is good for a heightened sense of artistry; hopefully this bodes well for the continued good play of Janish and Cordero.

Volquez will hopefully benefit from the Moon being in Aquarius as Arroyo did yesterday. Aquarius rules the Ankles, and the nervous system. Expect unique play from Edinson Today (and possibly fellow Cancers Jim Edmonds, and Brandon Phillips).Today's aspects are also positive for Matt Cain.

Today is the first Day of Virgo. Expect good communication and excellent analysis from the teams only Virgo; Joey Votto. In the next 30 days Votto should be able to stay humble enough to make a real push toward the MVP.

The Giants are more Sun-and-Moon than Mars-and-Venus. The catching tandem of Posey and Whiteside should be strong; Cain and Burrell are ruled by Venus, and Bochy Mars.

8/24, Full Moon.

Two sides to every full Moon. Shockingly, I would like to see Edmonds start today, or get a juicy PA late in the game. Conversely, it's good time for Hanigan (the teams only Leo) to take a breather. The Reds need to Keep their emotions in check, and not let them interfere with the job at hand. Expect many highs and lows in today's energetic game. Player to watch: Brandon Phillips will be full of self confidence; it should be feast or famine.

Pluto is at 60° which is very interesting for Gomes "Strong emotional outbursts may be disruptive, but ultimately productive". Who knows how that will manifest itself, the same goes for Mike Leake, Arthur Rhodes, Laynce Nix, and Jonathan Sanchez. Travis Wood has no specific aspects for today. For the Giants, Fontenot could ride full Moon energy.

8/25, Mercury in opposition.

Mercurys placement (180°) can cause stress and awareness. It will be difficult to remain objective for our lone Virgo Votto, concentration will be of the highest importance to turn the stress into production. Hanigan over Hernandez today, Bray and Masset should not be to first choices out of the bullpen. Bailey has no specific aspects for today. The Giants starter is TBA, it would be an interesting day to face the Gemini, Lincecum.

The Pisces Moon could cause passivity, and lead to a strong imagination.

From The RR Astrology Desk.