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2010 Game 124 Thread: Reds at Dodgers

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Los Angeles Dodgers

Sunday, Aug 22, 2010, 4:10 PM EDT
Dodger Stadium

Bronson Arroyo vs Clayton Kershaw

Sunny. Winds blowing out to right field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 85.

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2010 - Bronson Arroyo 13-7 3.87 1.18 85 55

2010 - Clayton Kershaw 11-7 3.03 1.24 163 67

As the saying goes, you can't win 'em all. Hogwash. I think you should just win them all. It would make clinching the division early so much easier! All the Reds have to do is get to 109 wins and the Cardinals are finished. The best they can do is win 108. Ha ha.

I'm excited to get to watch the Reds again today. I haven't been watching much on this west coast trip because of the lateness of the games and my illness plus overnight baby duties (or doodies). It seems like any time I watch them anymore though, Bronson Arroyo is pitching. That's not a bad thing, but I'd like to see other pitch from time to time too. Arroyo has had a decision in 12 straight starts, going 8-4 with a 2.89 ERA in that span.

If the Reds are going to win today, they're going to have to find a way to get to Clayton Kershaw. The 22-year old lefty has faced the Reds twice in his career and shut them down both times, combining for just 3 runs allowed over 14.1 innings while striking out 18, walking 3, and surrendering only 11 hits. I have a hard time seeing them pull out a win if Kershaw throws up another performance like that.

We're getting closer and closer to the stretch run, but the Reds need to keep on chugging away. They have 10 more games until they face the Cardinals again, and 7-3 is a real possibility in those games. If they can do that, I'm confident that they'll have a comfortable lead heading into the Loo.

Go Reds!