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For a minute there, I forgot what losing was like. Reds fall to the Dodgers, 8-5.

Joe Nuxhall Memorial Star of the Game

Arthur Rhodes.  With no outs in the 7th, 2 runners on, and the game seemingly getting away from Jordan Smith, Rhodes came in and got shit done.  A strikeout, a flyout, and another strikeout, and the Reds were out of trouble.  Of course, the Reds couldn't capitalize on it, but he's bailed out the Reds so many times this year, we should call him the US government.  Honorable mentions to Andre Ethier, Joey Votto, and Casey Blake.

Key Plays

  • Johnny Cueto was all over the place to start, and allowed a hit to Andre Ethier to start.  He then walked Jay Gibbons, Matt Kemp, and Casey Blake in succession.  1-0 Dodgers.
  • Cueto started throwing batting practice in the second inning, allowing back to back 2 out solo homers by Ryan Theriot and Andre Ethier.  3-0 Dodgers.
  • Johnny made exactly zero adjustments in the following inning, allowing solo shots to Jay Gibbons and Matt Kemp to begin the inning, allowing homers to 4 of 5 hitters at that point.  Up to 5-0.
  • The Reds started to chip away in the 4th.  Drew Stubbs walked (!) to begin the inning, stole second, and advanced to 3rd on a throw by the perennially awful Brad Ausmus.  Joey Votto grounded out, and proved that he can get RBIs even when he makes outs.  5-1.
  • After Mike Leake came in and pitched a scoreless 4th, but ran into trouble in the 5th when Casey Blake doubled in a run, and Jamey Carroll doubled him in.  7-1.
  • The Reds didn't give up.  Jay Bruce drove in a run on a sac fly, and the white-hot Ramon Hernandez doubled in another.  7-3 Dodgers.
  • The rally continued in the 7th, with Joey Votto singling in Brandon Phillips.  Scott Rolen's groundout made it 7-5 and put the Reds within striking distance.
  • Jordan Smith faced 3 hitters in the bottom of the inning and didn't get any of them out.  Casey Blake scored to make it 8-5 before Rhodes bailed his ass out.


Other Notes

  • The Reds broke their 7-game winning streak, and 8-game winning streak on the road.  Bummer.
  • The Cardinals won, so the Reds' lead in the NL Central is down to 3 1/2 games.  Double bummer.
  • Those things aside, it's not the end of the world.  If before the road trip started, I told you we'd be 4-1 halfway through it, who wouldn't have taken that?
  • Mike Leake made his first appearance out of the bullpen in relief of a disappointing Johnny Cueto, and wasn't a ton better.  Leake gave up 2 runs in 2 1/3 innings with 4 strikeouts.  Maybe he needs a minute to adjust to his new role.
  • Ramon Hernandez was 2-for-3 and continues to swing a hot bat.  In August, his line is .395/.415/.605, for a 1.020 OPS.  That's good.
  • Johnny Cueto was once again very mediocre in his second start after his suspension.  I really hope that didn't screw him up.  If it did, Jason LaRue should be thrown in jail.