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Red Reposter - The Curse of Edmonds is Not a Real Curse, So Stop Asking

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Red Reposter and the NIST Weights and Standards Division, who reminds us that time is currently passing at a rate of 1 hr/hr, brings us another scintillating Information Fact: 1/162 (The fraction that one game represents out of a major league schedule). Sorry for all that scienc-y chumbawumba, but now you now. And knowing is probably about 1/162 the battle.

AND, we unveil a new sporadic feature: Cardinal Bitchelieu, wherein we stoke the fires of the pennant race fervor with zealous calls-to-arms. Brandon Phillips got us started yesterday:

I'd play against these guys with one leg. We have to beat these guys. I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they're little bitches, all of ‘em. I really hate the Cardinals. Compared to the Cardinals, I love the Chicago Cubs. Let me make this clear - I hate the Cardinals.

You know what? Agreed. Chris Carpenter, for one, is a non-stop whine merchant. In Pete Rose Land, we don't pout like C-list talent whose trailer doesn't have a bidet. We know that it's a privilege to play the game, to have the leisure time to watch it. Our gasoline suits are hanging on the line. Sure, play with bravado, but ''tis a poor Carpenter that blames his shoddy tools... (re-arrange these words for a fun, Tuesday word puzzle).  I mean, really, the guy takes Brendan Ryan into the tunnel to chide him about changing gloves. He blames his infield (I think) for Juan Francisco's single. And he's really good at pitching, which is annoying as hell. I'm not really up for weighing all the facts here. This is the sporting world, a nice little domain we've carved out which allows us to be blindly partisan, ruthlessly competitive and fiercely provincial.  Like politics! (SHA-BING!)

In that spirit, OMGReds brings us the Obscene Reds T-shirt of the Century
Hopefully they have it in Adult XL and Child's XXS, cuz I'm getting one for my whole extended family.

Hall o' Famer Hal's lede was the Phillips invective
But he naturally discusses the Edmonds trade at length and news that Aarong Harang aims to rejoin the team on its upcoming road trip. Where does he fit? Unclear. Cueto, Arroyo and Volquez (for now), look safe in their rotation spots. Wood will likely have to pitch his way out upon being recalled. So it's possible Bailey and Harang could be jockeying to replace Leake.

Dusty talks Edmonds’ possible playing time 
Rest easy, alarmists - Edmonds is not being installed as full-time starting CF, though with Heisey's LHP-favoring splits, he may see a few starts per week there. I would expect him to swing between LF and CF, not unlike the gentleman for which he was traded (RIP?). Stubbs would appear to be the third-string CF. Given Dusty's opinion that no one is hitting better than Laynce Nix right now, Drew  could be on his way out.

Red Hot Mama does a 180 on Edmonds
In a Catch 22 sort of way: "And anyway, the net present value of Chris Dickerson is far less than the value brought to the team in one year by Edmonds. He was the best, most logical player they could get for him. The Reds had a surplus of outfielders: it only made sense for them to deal one of them. And once they did, well, then they were down an outfielder, so it only made sense for them to bring one aboard."

Edmonds himself talks about the trade
Seems like a nice guy. Likes the stadium, likes us, will play wherever. Welcome aboard. Maybe a little too mercenary though. Get mad, Jim. You're deeper into the rust belt now, where we don't have the time or sense self-importance to call ourselves the "Best Fans in Baseball."

Other assorted reactions to Edmonds-for-Dickerson compiled by Mark Sheldon
It is a little puzzling that the Cardinals didn't try to block the Reds by claiming Edmonds. My seething rage eases slightly.

Hall o' Famer, in that way only Hal can, sed:

A visiting writer walked into the press box early Monday afternoon, Aug. 9, and asked, "Will Jim Edmonds be here tonight?" Said another writer, "Is he here? He's in the lineup." Maybe he shouldn't have been because he was 0-for-4.

Leake's "future being discussed"
It's never good when they're using quasi-mafia language to talk about you. Despite round speculation that he's "hit a wall," Leake claims fatigue is not an issue.

In case you hadn't heard, Wood was optioned to make room for Edmonds
Seems like about the right move, giving the bench some flexibility. Wood will be skipped in the rotation is due back August 19th, after the mandatory 10 days. Volquez could have been sent down instead, but that's quibbling.

Cabrera feels better
Projects a return after the minimum 15 days. We expect players to set quick timetables, but Cabrera has been something of a iron man in his career. The question remains whether Paul Janish will have earned more starts when Or-Ca is ready to play again.

MLBTrade Rumors discusses the Reds 2011 rotation
Interesting, sure. But I'm choosing live in the now. For once. Around these parts, early August usually means indulging in flights of fancy about the redemptive power of next year's roster. Not only does the future seem brighter, but the future is now. Everyone get a mantra. Mine is "Now is the time for us to gather together and celebrate those things that we like and think are fun." (Credit: Best Show/Jon Wurster)

A hip little undeground transaction: Reds Sign Dominican Shortstop Olivel Florentino
"The Reds have agreed to terms with Dominican shortstop Olivel Florentino for $250,000, pending the approval of Major League Baseball." Unfortunately, this story is now below about 3 folds.