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Red Reposter - If LeBron Wants to Win, He Should Come to Cincy

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Bronson thanks Corky for fixing the oil leak in the rear main seal of his '79 Chevy Malibu station wagon, or as he calls it, "The Love Boat".
Bronson thanks Corky for fixing the oil leak in the rear main seal of his '79 Chevy Malibu station wagon, or as he calls it, "The Love Boat".
  • Senator Sherrod Brown, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, and unemployed local author Slyde were among the throngs of fans who turned out for the Vote Votto lunch
    The Reds are really going all-out for this thing. I feel like we've been in hibernation for 10 years and now suddenly Reds country is churning at full blast. What an amazing thing, this winning is. Breath it in.  You have until 4 PM this afternoon to Vote Votto as much as you can.

  • Jamie Ramsey has pics of the Reds in their batting practice "Vote Votto" t-shirts
    During the game last night, Chris Welsh commented that this is the kind of thing that makes players on other team want to play for our team. I'm not sure we can count on Beltran, Reyes, and Santana coming to Cincy anytime soon, but it certainly does make the team look good. In more ways than one.

  • Joey Votto isn't exactly loving all this hoopla
    "This is not my definition of enjoyable," Votto said. "I enjoyed competing against Johan last night.  It's kind of embarrassing but in a good way.  I'm too shy to really get into this kind of stuff. I just really enjoy doing my job. I know that there's sometimes more to our job than just going out and playing ball. I understand that. This is one of those situations." When asked if Joey was the NL MVP thus far, Dusty didn't hesitate: "Yeah," Baker said. "Look up last year when we lost Joey where we were."

  • Hall o' Famer Hal is excited
    He dubs this vintage of Reds as the "Big Rally Machine". Their 27 come-from-behind wins is tops in baseball. I think this one could have some legs.

  • Bronson Arroyo took a big bite out of the Big Apple
    Then cooly held it in his teeth as he ripped off the opening licks to "With Arms Wide Open" on his guit-box.  He's thrown 17 innings so far at the newly-constructed Citi Field and he's giving up one measly run. That was a solo homer from Angel Pagan in the 1st last night. After his 2-hit complete game shut out in NYC last year, Arroyo cruised to a rest-of-season ERA of 2.07. When asked if that would happen again, he said "It’s tough to say.  You never know when you’re going to win or lose ball games. But this time of year, I always feel good physically and I feel like I have good stuff. Some reason coming out of camp, it takes me a while to get clicking.  Maybe with the heat guys who play every day are going down hill a pinch. And I don’t feel that way." He's pitched acceptably well thus far this season with a 4.04 ERA and a 4.64 FIP, so a marked improvement from him would be pretty damn awesome.

  • Matt Maloney has earned another start for the Reds
    He'll pitch Sunday in Philly, the last game before the break. The decision hinged on the Edinson Volquez situation, who will make one more start in AAA. "We expect that to be a good start," Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said of Volquez. "He'll be evaluated after the break but he should be here after the break." I suppose that means we can expect Volquez to be a part of the rotation when the 2nd half begins. In all the Cliff Lee/Dan Haren talk, it's easy to forget we are already getting an All-Star pitcher. Cha ching.

  • Logan Ondrusek has retired the last 19 hitters he has faced
    That's a big difference from the 11.25 ERA he posted before being sent out to Louisville a few months ago. As Jack Palance taught me, it's about confidence: "The difference is more or less confidence and feeling comfortable out there," he said. "I made one little mechanical adjustment to get extension. That's helped me be more consistent in zone."

  • Injury updates
    Ramon Hernandez didn't play again yesterday, missing the entire Mets series. He's getting better and should be back in the lineup for the Phillies series. Ryan Hanigan has caught in 7 of his 12 rehab games in Louisville and is doing so without pain. I would bet he comes back after the All-Star break.

  • Kevin Goldstein runs down what the Mariners need and what is available in the Cliff Lee Process
    Here's what he says regarding the Reds as potential suitors:
    "The Reds thought they would have the boppers going into the year, but first baseman Yonder Alonso and third baseman (at least in name) Juan Francisco have both flamed out a bit at Triple-A, and they just haven't done enough to headline a deal for Lee. The team is rich in pitching, and Lee would create a surplus of starters that might allow the Reds to send over a big league-ready arm in return. They lack high-ceiling players, but suddenly could be a player on the catcher front thanks to the breakout season of Devin Mesoraco. The 2007 first-round pick had been a massive disappointment until this year, when he reached Double-A while slugging nearly .600 with 17 home runs in 281 at-bats. The Reds took Yasmani Grandal in the draft, so they have a catcher of the future; if Seattle believes in Mesoraco's first half, he could help the cause by making up for other match-up weaknesses."

  • Around the Horn Baseball has this to say regarding the Reds and Cliff Lee
    "I was skeptical of the Reds being the trendy pick at the beginning of the year because, well, they are the Reds. I was completely wrong, though, and an acquisition of Lee could very well tip the scale in their favor in the N.L. Central. If anything, it give them a sense of legitimacy. In addition to a catcher, Seattle also could use a first baseman, and Yonder Alonso certainly fits the bill. The Reds are going to shut down rookie Mike Leake at some point and they cannot count on much from Edinson Volquez, who is expected to return from Tommy John surgery, as well as a steroid suspension, after the All-Star break. It would be a bold move, but if the Reds want to reach the postseason it may be one they have to make."

  • Marty goes off on the All-Star selection process on Toronto radio
    Select PTS: 2010-07-06, 5 pm (this is an MP3 and will likely auto-play). Marty comes on about 3/4 of the way through that MP3.

  • Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols lead MLB Midseason Awards picks - Tom Verducci -
    First basemen Albert Pujols of St. Louis and Miguel Cabrera of Detroit are perpetual MVP candidates, having received MVP votes seven years running and combining for 11 top five finishes in those 14 elections. There is one big difference between the two reliable sluggers: Pujols has won the vote three times and Cabrera not at all.  I can't argue with Pujols as the MVP.  As much as Joey Fever has afflicted the fanbase of late, Pujols is having just a good a year as Jo-eh.  Doesn't matter though, 'cause Joey's gonna be the one winning a World Series MVP.  Boo ya.

  • Have you seen the new Strasburg commercial from MLB?
    The words "premature", "hyperbole", and "go karts" come to mind.