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Red Reposter - Vottomatic for the People, before we're Out of Time

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Red Reposter's "Poutine Pop Fly": 1. (Number representing the answer "yes", to the question "Joey Votto makes the All Star Game?") If the Toronto Kid doesn't find his way to Anaheim, it'll be because you didn't click hard enough. Vote Votto

Votto-Youkilis is the killer ticket
 As many of you are well aware, "The Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds have formed an alliance to help vote Youkilis and Reds first baseman Joey Votto into the All-Star Game. The "Vote Red" campaign will run until the polls close at 4 p.m. on Thursday. Youkilis, who is from Cincinnati, was a 1997 graduate of Sycamore High School and was a two-time All-American for the University of Cincinnati."  Reds fans are asked to stow whatever aversions they have to Red Sox Nation, while those of Italian heritage must look past any beef they have with Greece as a rival classical civilization and ruiner of Europe's economy. Saddling Votto's hopes to the significant heft of the Red Sox Nation was a pretty savvy move.

San Diego Union-Tribune Columnist Tim Sullivan doesn't like it
"Market size notwithstanding, Cincinnati is a formidable force when it comes to electoral overkill. Efforts to rig the 1957 All-Star vote resulted in seven Reds being elected to the National League’s starting lineup — two of them were replaced at the insistence of Commissioner Ford Frick — and the suspension of fan balloting until 1970."

The treatment of All Star voting as a national political scandal is tongue-in-cheek - and of course Sullivan is merely being as blindly partisan for Heath Bell as we all are for Votto. But let's not forget the gross injustice that distinguishes Votto from the other Final Vote candidates. And the fact that the All Star Game is built mostly on promotional gimmickry in the first place. I'm not sure there's much to "cheapen" here.

That guy that does acoustic YouTube ballads about Reds has dropped 'Domo Arigato, Vote Joey Votto" 
A better Joey Votto All Star Campaign Styx song parody than my "Come Vote Jo-ey, Come Vote Joey, Come Vote Jo-ey with me." 

Hall o' Famer Hal fixes his sights on Charlie Manuel
He gives Santana his due for last night, then looks ahead to retribution in Philly: "So the Reds are a respectable 4-2 on this 11-game road trip with a final game in New York Wednesday night. Then it is on to Philadelphia for four where Votto can make Phillies manager Charlie Manuel ask, "Why in hell did I leave this guy off the All-Star team?"

The Hardball Times gives the Reds a once over
Volquez, the Reds "ace in the hole," is projected. The outlook is pretty rosy: "The Reds find themselves in the drivers seat of the NL Central with one of the best trade bullets around and a potential ace in the hole one start away. If Walt Jocketty plays his cards right, the Reds could soon be sporting a fancy, playoff caliber rotation to pair with their dynamic lineup."

Reds are still being mentioned as suitors for Cliff Lee
- along with half the league. Considering also the theory that the Reds interest began at least partly as a gambit to counter the Cardinals, it's probably not worth upping the hopes quite yet. 

Homer Bailey continued his throwing program in New York
Homer seems to be proceeding with caution, which must be frustrating for the young man. With the dates of return for Homer and Harang unclear and the Leake's inning cap looming, chasing down a starter at the deadline becomes a more distinct possibility.

Vote Votto goes to Rockefeller 

Vote Votto' lawn signs exist

Fan Falls From Stands At Rangers Game