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Red Reposter - Not such a bad little status quo to maintain

As reported up and down the press corps, no big swap involving the Reds is likely to happen before the deadline 
Jocketty has been intent on making a deal only if it "significantly upgrades the roster," and nothing seems to be in the works. The name brand aces have been dealt (Lee, Haren, SPOILER ALERT: Oswalt), while the reliever market is tight - and no one sincerely believed Walt would chase down a shortstop mid-season. Jocketty acknowledges that the Springer and Isringhausen signings were all but consolation moves - and certainly appear that way at this late date. While Walt may be playing it close to the vest (and has stayed mum on specifics due in part to non-tampering rules), any major 11th hour deal would be a surprise. Saturday at 4pm marks the somber commemoration of the non-waiver trade deadline.

Hall o' Famer Hall poses several thought-provoking question to his readers
Among them:

Why is that the Milwaukee Brewers, situated in a smaller drawing area than the Cincinnati Reds, are averaging 35,000 fans at home with a lousy team and the Reds are averaging only 22,000 at home with a wonderfully entertaining a good team with plenty of imaginative promotions? And why would a full house of 38,000 show up at Miller Park Wednesday afternoon?

I dunno, the Brewers have been pretty good in recent years and maybe there's more about Milwaukee's unique demographics to be explored? They make beer there too and can harness the considerable might of  Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated.


You know what makes this play ridiculous? How many times have you EVER seen a pitcher try to pick a runner off third base? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitcher throw to third base on a pick-off attempt. So why would any runner on first base EVER fall for a fake throw to third base?

Totally agree. It's dumb. But the appearance of "tactics" make baseball seem cooler.

According to MLBTR, Astros and Phillies have reached an agreement on Oswalt, pending his approval
Will the Astros send anyone else to Philly, or is Oswalt meant to be some sort of lone player - or given that he is a pitcher and I'm want to employ firearm imagery - "gun man."

Daniel Ray Herrera Arrested On Alcohol Charges
Things continue to head South for DRH, while the Hamilton-Volquez-Herrera trade aftermath saga takes another turn of the karmic wheel - which seems to arbitraily deal out blessings, curses and chemically-altered states.

Red Hot Mamma has a better take on this one than I could muster: "Reds’ Daniel Ray Herrera Arrested Drunkenly Wandering Up Highway"

Fan fave and general roustabout Jonny Gomes answers emails with Jamie Ramsey 
I guess it's okay to like the early 90s Oakland A's if you're Jonny Gomes, but know that we crushed them underfoot like so much Bay Area fog.

Harang has moved from the treadmill to a throwing progam 
A throwing program is underway in Cincinnati, but "a target return date remains very much up in the air." Hard to coax major news flashes out of the Reds on any front right now.

Bus Leagues Baseball catches up with former Reds prospect and Scott Rolen-baiter Zach Stewart 
Stewart was honored to be in a deal with Rolen and finding himself in an organization with "name" prospects from trade seasons past, like Brett Wallace and Kyle Drabek.

OMGreds heralds next year's Friday Opening Day
Frequent readers of this blog will recall that I love TGI Friday's - and the Platonic ideal of "Friday" it represents - more than anything, with the possible exception of Jay Leno.

The Hardball Times calls our attention to a "very important article on fielding"
Kind of a contradiction in terms hahahahahahaha. I thought it worthwhile to link circuitously to THT's commentary on the BP article, as it lies mostly behind a paywall. THT sez: "Baseball Prospectus has published an article by Colin Wyers today that may be one of the most important pieces written about fielding."