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Red Reposter - Can This Team Make the Playoffs without Scott Rolen? Can They Make the Playoffs with Orlando Cabrera?

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Red Reposter's Numberbits sponsored by Kellogg's Numberbits cereal.  It's like Post Alphabits with less variety!  - 6-11 - The Reds record without Scott Rolen this season.  They are 45-31 with him.  It's hard for me to buy into the mysticism of Scott Rolen's Reds, but it's just as hard to deny it.

  • Jonny Gomes sat at his locker after the game
    the top three buttons on his jersey unfastened, ran a comb of Dapper Dan through his intimidating mohawk, and winked at the picture of Kim Kardashian pasted to the inside of his locker door. "It was a good all-around game," Gomes said. "Cueto, the bullpen, situational hitting, and don’t forget Miguel Cairo coming off the bench. He’s a true professional." That was an incredibly satisfying win last night, wasn't it? The Reds seemed to have the entire game under control from the first pitch to the last. I felt like after the 2nd inning I could turn the game off and be totally confident that they would cruise. I didn't turn the game off, but it's a good feeling knowing I can. We need another 70 or so games like this.

  • The Reds are going to take a look at Jason Isringhausen
    and Walt admits that one of the motivators is desperation. "I haven’t had offers on guys who help us as far as experienced guys to pitch late. These guys (Isringhausen and Russ Springer) I know what they can do." The trade market for relievers looks untenable at the moment, so it makes sense to me to check all available avenues.

  • So not only has Scott Rolen been suffering from the flu
    but he also has a sore hamstring. "Tagging up from second to third Friday night, I felt a little burn in my right hamstring, [and] I didn't recover too well," Rolen said. "And then had the privilege of throwing up in my bushes when I got home with the stomach flu. So that was just an added bonus. So had I not been throwing up the last two days, I would not have been in the lineup anyway." He got a cortisone shot on Sunday and the Reds are hoping to keep him off the DL, but it's probably better to be safe than sorry. Juan Francisco is slugging well and not walking down in AAA, but (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I think Miguel Cairo has played his way into the lineup. His wOBA is a career-best .341, which isn't great, but I definitely think he could hold down the fort for the next 10 days or so.

  • Ramon Hernandez is eligible to come off the DL today
    and it looks like it might happen. He did catching drills and took BP yesterday and Dusty says he's looking good.

  • Jay Jaffe put together his starting lineup of "Replacement-Level Killers"
    or players that are stifling their teams' playoff hopes with their lousy play. As you may have guessed, Orlando Cabrera is holding down the SS position on this team of dead weights:

    "Shortstop: Orlando Cabrera (.230 TAv, 0.0 WARP), Reds The well-traveled 35-year-old, who shored up the Twins' infield at the deadline last summer, is showing his age. He's having his worst season ever with the bat (.252/.293/.339 in a hitter-friendly environment) , and his normally reliable glove work has been subpar (-8 FRAA) as well. As if all of that weren't bad enough, Dusty Baker has been batting him in the first or second spot in the lineup, the latest manifestation of an ongoing problem. Remedy (?):

    As Kevin Goldstein pointed out on Monday, Triple-A shortstop Zack Cozart (.252 TAv) offers plus defense and surprising power to compensate for his own shortcomings in the on-base department. If the Reds want to look beyond their own organization, the Nationals' Cristian Guzman is hitting .296/.343/.368; he's got about $3.5 million remaining on his deal. The Diamondbacks' Stephen Drew (.266 TAv, 1.3 WARP) won't be a free agent until after 2012; he makes much less than Guzman and might be worth trading an actual prospect for a multi-season upgrade. As a bonus, the Reds could take advantage of Cabrera's reputation as a mid-season savoir and flip him to a team convinced he's still got those essential veteran herbs and spices."

    Wait a minute, does Jay Jaffe not know who Paul Janish is?

  • Redleg Nation wants you to know just how good Logan Ondrusek as been
    Since he was recalled from AAA on June 2nd: 20 games, 12 hits, 2 earned runs, 13 K, 3 BB, 0.96 ERA. That is a downright Rhodesian performance. I think every contender's bullpen (aside from perhaps the Padres) could use a new arm or two, but it's very comforting to know that this bullpen has some very strong points already.

  • This raised an eyebrow when I read it
    Fay asked Homer Bailey if he would accept a relief role when he is ready to return and this was his response: "Whatever they want me to do," he said. "You’ve got to learn to make adjustments. I’ll do whatever they want me to." Homer's surliness is well-known 'round these parts, though "pride" may be a more appropriate word. It certainly surprised me to hear this. Dusty says they are conditioning him as a starter and I still think that should be the goal long-term, but coming off a shoulder injury it may be best for him to pitch from the 'pen down the stretch. It certainly would easy the logjam in the rotation. I'm sure we'll here more about this as he gets closer.

  • Kevin Goldstein runs down the 10 teams with the best shot at reaching the post season
    and the Reds come in at #7.

    "While the Reds continue to hope Aroldis Chapman can be a power lefty out of the pen by the end of the year, they also have a potential move in the middle of the infield that would take considerable guts. Orlando Cabrera is there for a reason, as he doesn't make mistakes defensively while making consistent contact, but at the same time his sub-.300 on-base percentage is another hole in a roller coaster of a Reds offense. Could Zach Cozart be the answer? He's likely no more of an on-base player than Cabrera, but he offers plus defense and surprising power for the position, with 13 home runs in 94 games at Triple-A Louisville."

    What, has Goldstein never heard of Paul Janish either? Jeez lah-weeze!

  • The Fay is concerned with Jay Bruce's walk rate
    "I’m not a hitting expert, but from where I sit, it seems that Jay Bruce’s success or lack thereof revolves around whether he’s taking walks or not. Bruce hasn’t driven in a run in the month of July. He’s also gone 36 at-bats without a walk. He’s struck out 12 times in that span. Until he stops chasing pitches, he’s not going to get strikes to hit."

    Bruce did draw a walk yesterday and scored a run, but he's still looking kinda lost up there. Hopefully this is a darkness before the dawn.

  • Because we all know how much 'tHan loves it
    here's a trade idea from Bleacher Report. Would you deal your starting RF for a relief pitcher? This idiot would!