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Red Reposter - In Memoriam: Rest in Peace, Big Stein

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No baseball because of the All-Star break, so it's kind of a slow news day on that end.  Of course, there is plenty of news happening, though it is somber.

  • Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died this morning at the age of 80
    Big Stein bought the Yankees in 1973 and presided over 11 AL pennants and 7 World Series championships. He will be remembered as the most controversial sports owner of his generation for his notorious micro-management and his even more notorious winning. He, more than anything else, is the reason so many baseball fans across the country hate the Yankees. But in our most honest moments, we will admit it really isn't hate, but rather jealousy. Steinbrenner was willing to do whatever it took to win, which is something no other owner in baseball can say honestly. He ran the Yankees to win championships while every other owner runs his team to make money. Fear and respect. God speed, Mr. Steinbrenner.

  • Yovanni Gallardo and others are speaking out about the controversial immigration law in Arizona
    Specifically, they are willing to boycott the All-Star Game next year in Phoenix. Gallardo, who was born in Mexico, as well as many other Latino players spoke about the issue yesterday at the All-Star game festivities in Anaheim. A's closer Andrew Bailey was more diplomatic than most, saying "The Arizona Diamondbacks and Major League Baseball had nothing to do with making the Arizona immigration laws. I know there are discrepancies. Hopefully, things can get resolved.''

  • The Reds All-Stars talked about what it was all for
    Arthur Rhodes does it for late son, Jordan: “I always put his initials on the dirt before I pitch. “J period, R Period. His name was Jordan Rhodes. He loved to wake up in the morning. He loved going outside. He loved just playing. Whatever I loved doing, he loved doing, too. That’s why I wish he was here.  He’d be sitting right here with me, talking to the TV people. He loved to talk. When (Monday’s Home Run Derby) starts, it’s going to be rough. That’s when all the kids are on the field with their dads. It’s going to be rough the whole time. This whole event’s for him. This whole season is for him, but this is the main event right here. It’s going to be a sad day for me. Also, a great day. A great day."

  • Kevin Youkilis, native Cincinnatian, wants to thank everyone who voted for him in the All-Star Final Vote

    "I wish to say a very sincere “Thank you” to all my friends, fans and family in my hometown of Cincinnati who voted for me, and put forth such a valiant effort in trying to win for me the Final Vote for the 2010 All-Star Game. I truly appreciate all the support you all have given me throughout my career, and continue to provide. It means the world to me to have received so many votes, and I would like you to know I am humbled, and most appreciative. Keep rooting on the Sox … and the Reds! Let’s hope we both have a great second half of the season and push into the playoffs. Thank you Cincinnati! Go Bearcats!"

    Youk lost the vote to fellow Reds Country native Nick Swisher, but he definitely earned some dap with this letter. We should trade for him.

  • Arty is impressed by the infield that plays behind him
    3/4 of the Reds infield is in Anaheim (it's not hard to guess which one isn't) and Rhodes isn't shy about complimenting them: "Our infield is the best," said Rhodes, who speaks from 18 years of experience at the big league level. "Scott Rolen at third, Orlando Cabrera at shortstop, Brandon Phillips at second and Joey Votto at first ... it doesn't get any better than that. Personally, being a guy who tries to keep the ball down and try to get them to hit it to my infield, I couldn't be in better hands."

  • Bob Klapisch names Dusty his NL Manager of the First Half
    And you know, it's hard to argue. Nobody expected the Reds to be as good as they are, and some of the credit has to go to the man in charge. I probably would have picked Padres' padre Bud Black myself, but I won't argue against Dusty. Here's what Bob said about him:

    "He was on the hot seat going into the season, having been unable to lift the Reds higher than fourth in two seasons. Now Baker is running a lean, run-producing machine that’s still leading the Cardinals, despite getting swept by the Phillies before the break. Baker is having his best year since taking the Cubs to the playoffs in 2003."

    Aaaaaaand it's ruined.  Jerk.