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Red Reposter - Another Cautionary Tale of Pete Rose for All the Young Dudes

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Red Reposter R&D Department's prototype of the week: The Jazz Man eMan Doll. In recognition of our brand new unsigned draftee, it's a fully-pose-able figurine that's a little big Buena Vista Social Club and a little bit Web 2.0, but all sweet-mashing University of Miami backstop.

Grandal says he’s ready to sign
Gainsaying rumors about a pre-draft deal with the Royals, Grandal maintains that he just wants to play. Opinion has been mixed on this site as to whether Grandal was the best player on the board for the Reds, but with scouts in general agreement that he was at least the best college hitter at a premium position, it's hard to dwell on what might have been for too long. The presence of Yonder Alonso in the Reds organization, whom Grandal played with a Miami for one season, may positively affect Grandal's willingness to sign.

Apropos first-round catchers, Baseball Reference did a historical run-down of the same.

Paul Daugherty contrasts the Strasburg Hype Machine with Mike Leake's Totally Chilled Out Vibe Device
We already we got a good taste of this in the USAToday frontpager. I also think the Strasburg mania, especially for the superstar-starved fanbase in Washington, might actually be in proper proportion. But I'm glad they're running a hometown take in a national outlet. Leake may already be getting tagged as a Greg Maddux / Mike Mussina thinking man's pitcher: "It's only five wins, and I don't look at wins too much. ERA is a better predictor of how you're doing. Lots of luck involved in wins and losses.

Forensic evidence boringly suggests that despite his claims, Pete Rose corked a game-used bat
Crank your surprise and indignation meter all the way up to "Power Save Mode." This Deadspin article is pretty exhaustive - and pretty interesting, tossing in details about Pete Rose's signed "I'm Sorry" baseballs - but this will likely be just another blip in the procession of stories reflecting the media fascination with Pete Rose as anti-hero. Collector Adam Wolter has it about right:

"I don't think it ruins his legacy," says Wolter. "There's already so much controversy surrounding Pete, this just falls into the same category. That's what drives his demand: the controversy. It only enhances the items even more."

And apparently MythBusters showed that balls hit by corked bats move off the bat slower than solid wood? I can't help but continue to see Rose as more a tragic figure than any kind of villain.

Jocketty sez Weathers isn't under consideration
John Fay called David Weathers the other day about whether there could be a Storm System moving in. Weathers had some great things to say about the home team:

"That’s the one place I wanted to play," he said. "Once I got traded and I knew they probably weren’t going to bring back, I thought that was it. That’s not a ploy. Cincinnati is the only place I wanted to play."

But in a development that should be at least as unsurprising as Pete Rose and his corked bat, the Reds are not considering adding a 40 year old reliever who hasn't pitched all year to solve their bullpen troubles. It's not clear when Jared Burton or Bill Bray will be ready - nor how effective they'll be when they reach the majors again - but it's abundantly clear the bullpen needs a lifeline. Trying LeCure there when Bailey returns might not be a bad stopgap.

Reds hope Rhodes can avoid disabled list
There's only one Arthur Rhodes. And his foot hurts from kicking so much behind.

Some Tampa Bay Rays blog asks, "Where Is Outrage Over Cincinnati Reds Attendance?"
Peter Gammons called the Rays attendance "shameful" recently, but one blogger bravely said "no fair.: I'm sure the Reds attendance could be better suited to a first-place team and much older franchise, but equating Tampa Bay and Cincinnati is wrongheaded for a host of reasons: (1) Tampa Bay is the outright leader in the AL East, which means they're playing better baseball, (2) The Rays reached the World Series two years ago and have had wining records for three years running, while the Reds attendance is deflated by a decade of losing, (3) Tampa Bay-St. Pete is a bigger metro area and media market, (4) the economy, probably.

Fangraphs looks at ideal outcomes for draft choices
1988-1996 Mickey Tettleton is what they've got down for Yasmani, in terms of offensive production. Mick-Tett's not a household name, but if the Reds could have a guy hold down the catcher position for 9-10 years and OPS 128+, we'd all be lining up to buy Jazz Man eMan Dolls.

Detroit Free Press writes up the Reds second-rounder out of Michigan
The Reds took LaMarre as the 62nd overall pick in the draft. Barry Larkin went to Michigan. Leading export for Michigan? Well, it's transportation equipment. Wolverine. The X-Men. Thundering Turtle, I'm in too deep.

Redleg Nation has a healthy dose of zane
"June 8, 1920, was the day Reds’ Hall of Famer Edd Roush was ejected from a game for napping in centerfield."

Fangraphs asks why Robert Manuel hasn't been called up
If you'll remember, Manuel was traded by the Reds to the Mariners in the Wladimir Balentien deal. Picked up by the Sox, Manuel has been pitching lights out for AAA Pawtucket. For the moment, it might seem an unfortunate lose for a dilapidated bullpen. If  Wlad can turn it on a bit with the Bats, we'll be asking why he isn't up too.