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Red Reposter - The Colossus of Rhodes, Like Mighty Atlas, Carries the Reds Bullpen on His Shoulders

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Red Reposter's Pick of the Litter, produced in association with the American Kennel Club.  The AKC doesn't think it's at all weird to treat animals as children.  Dogs are like babies that never have to grow up!  - $6.2 mil -  The signing bonus the Giants gave Buster Posey after drafting him in 2008.  Reds top pick Yasmani Grandal is reportedly asking for similar money.  Will the Reds be able to offer that?  Should they?

  • "The last thing we want to do is kill Arthur Rhodes,"
    Dusty Baker, Reds manager and board-certified Obvious Technician, said after last nights game. "Some other guys gotta step up in that situation. He's in quite a bit of pain, so we didn't really want Arthur to go a full inning, just a partial inning. We just couldn't hold."

    This had me burning up. Danny Ray Herrera and Enerio Del Rosario coughed up the lead in the 7th last night, at least partially because Baker didn't want to use Rhodes. Turns out, Rhodes pitched anyway, after they had already given up the lead. It's true the Reds need pitchers like Herrera and Del Rosario to step up and perform, but in the highest pressure situation of the game, with runners in scoring position and less than two outs, you have to go with your ace. And if not your ace, then not a rookie like Del Rosario.

  • Follow along here for Thundering Turtle's up-to-the-second draft analysis.  The draft resumes with the 2nd round at noon today. 
  • Homer Bailey will start for Louisville tonight before being activated from the DL
    I can bet Ol' Hoss ain't at all happy about it. He didn't think he needed to go on the DL to begin with, and now they are sending him out on a rehab assignment. I don't think there is a pressing need for him to be back in the rotation ASAP as Sam LeCure has filled in satisfactorily in his stead, but this kind of kid gloves treatment can't be going over well with an impatient tough guy like Bailey.

  • Brandon Phillips says he's a showboat
    and if you don't like it, well, then he'll give you the showboatiest apology you ever seen! Asked to comment on the big play against the Nationals on Sunday where he bowled over catcher Wil Nieves to score a deciding run, BeeP said, "I’m a showboat. Yes, I AM a showboat. Always have been, always will be. That’s me. If people like it, fine. If not, I apologize. But I gotta be me...I love the game, I only have one career, and I’m going to do it my way. I’m gonna keep showboating." Bronson Arroyo, sitting a few lockers down, perked up his ears. "Is someone talking about boats?"

  • Director of Amateur Scouting Chris Buckley on top pick Yasmani Grandal:
    "It's such a hard position to find. There's so few everyday catchers across the minor leagues, or even in the major leagues, that we just didn't think we could pass on him."

    I hope he can stay at catcher. He's a good hitter, but my biggest fear is that he won't be able to stick behind the plate. His arm is questionable and I'm not completely sold on his quickness back there either. If he turns out to be a below-average first baseman I won't be pleased. I wanted Alex Wimmers or Zack Cox, but I guess Grandal is better than a 5th round middle reliever.

  • Arthur Rhodes is in quite a bit of pain in his foot
    but he's gonna fight through it. "I don’t what it is, but I’m getting tired of it," Rhodes said. "It just hurts on certain pitches, but I can fight through it. I’ll be ready tomorrow." He is one bad mamma jamma.

  • The Sporting News has the Reds at #7 in their latest power rankings
    "Obviously, Ubaldo Jimenez would get the midseason MVP (if there was such an award), but Reds third baseman Scott Rolen deserves to be included in the conversation. Finally healthy after three consecutive years with fewer than 130 games, Rolen has 14 homers, 40 RBIs and a .938 OPS for the surprising Reds."