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Red Reposter - Discussing Everything from the Draft to the Hall of Fame

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The Reds won the game and took 2 of 3 in the series, but Ian Desmond blew away the competition in the post-game break dance contest.  Teddy Roosevelt was a distant second.
The Reds won the game and took 2 of 3 in the series, but Ian Desmond blew away the competition in the post-game break dance contest. Teddy Roosevelt was a distant second.

Red Reposter's The Right Stuff, sponsored in part by Neil Armstrong.  MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!  Also by New Kids on the Block, now performing twice-daily shows outside of the Hot Topic at Newport on the Levee.  - 1 - earned runs surrendered by Arthur Rhodes so far this season, tied with Jose Valverde of the Tigers and Tim Stauffer of the Padres for the fewest in the Majors.  Rhodes has thrown more innings though, with 24 to Valverde's 23.1 and Stauffer's 18.1.  In case you hadn't noticed, the Padres bullpen is chock full of Rhodesian excellence.  Stauffer has teamed up with Heath Bell and Ryan Webb to throw 61 innings while only surrendering 6 earnies combined.  Hopefully Nick Masset and Francisco Cordero can step it up to that level for a while.  That'd be cool, dontcha think?

  • Bronson Arroyo went eight strong innings for the Reds yesterday
    but his best work was done when Adam Dunn was in the box. Arroyo struck him out three times, and faced him with two down in the 8th. Dusty came out of the dugout, presumably to bring in Danny Ray to get Dunner. "He asked me what I had left," Arroyo said. "I told him I had plenty left. I pulled myself out in similar situations this year when I was out of gas. If I didn’t get Dunn, I felt like I had a good chance to get (Josh) Willingham out." He got Dunn to fly out to left. The Reds put three runs on the board in the 9th, but Coco couldn't save the W for Bronson.

  • Drew Stubbs waxed nostalgic about his draft day experience
    He had a pre-draft deal worked out with the Reds when he was taken 8th overall in 2006. "I was looking forward to it more than anything else," said Stubbs, a three-time All-American at the University of Texas. "The Draft is a funny deal because up to the minute you get picked, you might think you're going in one spot and go somewhere completely different. There is a lot of excitement that day for young players." If you are looking to follow the draft this evening and over the next few days, look no further than Red Reporter. Our esteemed Executive Director of Amateur Scouting Thundering Turtle will be offering his expert analysis of every pick. It has become something of a tradition here and is certainly one of my favorites.

  • Dusty Baker is not saying either way whether Homer Bailey will be back for the series with the Giants
    He is eligible to come off the DL for Tuesday's tilt, but I personally don't think it is likely. As Baker said, he'd "rather have a guy over-ready than under-ready." His habit of giving a player another day or two after he says he's ready will likely push Bailey's return into the middle of the week. That is, unless they send him to AAA for a rehab start. I'm sure that would really burn Bailey's biscuits.

  • Mike Leake - Ballplayer
    Kid has his business cards all printed up and everything. "The thing about him is he pitches to the situation," Baker said. "If he needs a double play, he throws his best double-play pitch. If he needs a strikeout, he’ll go for the strikeout. That’s tough to teach. Most guys don’t learn that until far into their careers."

  • Axe Hal
    Q Do you think the fact that A-Rod has admitted to performance enhancement at points during his career will affect his entrance into the Hall of Fame? — Eric, Dayton
    A Ask Mark McGwire that question. The fact that A-Rod isn’t close to retirement and should play several more years might make a difference. Like elephants, though, writers never forget (and a lot of us are as overweight as elephants). I would say that it will affect the voting — he won’t get as many as he would have and if I know my brethren, probably not enough for enshrinement.

    Alex Rodriguez, when his career is over, could quite possibly be one of the 5-10 best players of all time. If the writers try to keep him out with their furrowed brows and wagging fingers of consternation, I will plotz all over the Red Reposter News Desk. Hal makes the comparison to Mark McGwire, which I think is grossly unfair to A-Rod. I would think his HOF case is much closer to Barry Bonds. I think Bonds > A-Rod, but their perceptions in the media are uncannily similar. No one seems to like them much, for Bonds' surliness and A-Rod's seeming immaturity and self-importance. Still, their greatness and candidacy are unquestionable. I guess we'll see, huh?

    Q If the Reds stay in contention, do you see the Reds being buyers at the trade deadline, and at what position? — Patrick, Dayton

    A Even if they do stay in contention, that’s two months down the road and who knows what, if anything, they might need at that time. So you can’t say what they’ll need. That’s like putting the cart in center field when the horse is behind the plate. If they made tweaks now, I’d say that middle relief is their one and only need.

    I think the bullpen is a clear place for upgrade, as is likely the case for every team in the league. SS is pretty clearly the weakest spot in the field, but I don't think the Reds will seek a replacement. While Orlando Cabrera hasn't impressed with his numbers so far, they seem pretty keen on his clubhouse leadership. Not that I'm discounting that, but I think a guy can still be an influence even if he isn't in the field every day. And even despite his efforts, the Reds are winning with him in the lead off spot. It seems to be working, so they won't risk changing it. But hey, as long as they keep winning I will be just fine with that.


  • Jon Adkins is closing in on the all-time saves record for the Louisville Bats
    He needs five more to set the new mark. Adkins has been a terrific organizational soldier for the Reds in recent years, so it would be really nice to see him set the new mark. We may not think saves are all that important 'round here, but I'm sure Jon does. I hope the Reds do something special for him when he does break it. Keep at it, Jon!

  • An eerie entry over at BtB regarding the career paths of The Mick and The Kid
    Taken from the 1999 All Century team book, it says the first halves of the two ballplayers' careers were near mirror images. Little did they know the second halves would be painfully, gut-wrenchingly, heart-rendingly similar as well.

  • C Trent went and got himself a job!
    He'll be working for, which will detract from his exemplary work at CNati. Congratulations C Trent!

  • Red Reposter Commentary
    Here's a snippet from The Fay's post-game blog from Saturday:
    "I just go out there and play the game of baseball the way I know how," Phillips told reporters. "I just play with a lot of excitement. I didn’t see nothing wrong with what I did. If people think I did something wrong, I apologize to whoever thinks so, but it’s baseball." As for getting hit, he said: "Trust me it just helps my on-base percentage," Phillips said. "That’s how I look at it. They did their job and I did mine. Lesson learned." I used "Phillips told reporters" because he wouldn’t talk until I left. He’s ticked at me for asking him about his lack of hustle on play a few weeks ago. I can’t recall the specific play because there’s been enough of them that they run together."

    This was discussed a bit in the post-game thread on Saturday, but I felt it warranted further discussion. John Fay is a professional beat writer. As bloggers who write a daily link story, we on the Reposter staff, to do our own job, rely on his hard work. Without his stories I would have very little to discuss in this space. For this, I owe him my respect. That means not sniping at him in this space for his downfalls and weaknesses. It's a matter of not shitting where you eat.

    The same applies to Fay in regards to Brandon Phillips. He needs the players in order to do his job. Yes, BeeP can be immature sometimes, probably too often, but that shouldn't preclude Fay from doing his job well. And the fact is, Fay doesn't even necessarily NEED to talk to BeeP to his job well. The other 24 guys in there all seem perfectly happy to talk to him. So all this public bickering just comes off as immature, unprofessional, and completely unnecessary.  Fay is a better writer than that.