The Draft: With the 12th pick, the Cincinnati Reds select ...

After Bryce Harper to Washington at No. 1, the 2010 draft is among the most unpredictable in recent memory. Jim Callis at Baseball America had the Reds selecting Call Sate-Fullerton shortstop Christian Colon through three consecutive mock drafts, but this morning has the Reds taking Ohio State RHP Alex Wimmers.

I'll be around all day and all evening with updates, analysis and all kinds of other nonsense for you to put up with, if you will so indulge me. By all means, chip in yourselves. I'm very impressed with the knowledge of, and comments from, you fine folks. Let's make this a fun day as we await the Reds pick, No. 12 overall, sometime between 7 and 8 p.m.

Now, for some updates: Callis says the Reds are looking to stick close to slot, in the $1.75 million range. In a draft where several high school pitchers are asking for above slot contracts, and a bunch of college players are seeking above slot deals and major league contracts, that limits the field a bit for Cincinnati. It also lends more credence to the Alex Wimmers pick, as he's expected to sign for near slot money without requiring a big league deal. Callis says the Reds like Grandal, Colon, Cal State-Fullerton OF Gary Brown and Georgia Tech RHP Deck McGuire, but all want over-slot money. Callis sees Grandal and Colon falling to the mid-to-late-teens, Colon to the 20s and Brown out of the first round all together. If the Reds pass on Wimmers, Callis sees the White Sox, Cubs or Twins snatching him up.

Callis says San Diego now is thought to be favoring prep hurler Karsten Whitson, meaning Ball State 2B/CF Kolbrin Vitek might be available to the Reds and that Cincinnati likes him. Callis also reports Middle Tennessee State OF Bryce Brentz might be back in the mix, as well.

Kansas City's reported done deal with Miami catcher Yasmani Grandal apparently has fallen apart and now the Royals are said to be leaning toward Florida Gulf Coast LHP Chris Sale. Mississippi RHP Drew Pomeranz is said to be sliding into the mid-teens because of his asking price.