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Red Reposter - Reds bray that Bray is ready to bray the competition

The Reposter numeric number thingy where numbers are numerically enumerized: 0. That's the number of runs given up by the Reds relievers not named Francisco Cordero or Daniel Ray Herrera in 19 innings over the last 10 games. CoCo has given up 4 runs and DRH has given up 1 in 8 combined innings in those same 10 games.

  • If you haven't heard yet, the Reds have called up lefty reliever Bill Bray. Bray was having his way all day in Triple-A. While it's still gray who will stay when comes the day for the 5th starter to play, the Reds say that Bray will be in the fray to help belay the bullpen's dismay. This could mean Danny Ray will soon pay for his bad play. I dare say the Reds will delay what they'll say until Thursday.
  • As Hal tells us, Bill Bray Is ready to shake off the Minor League dust. Bray was surprised by the call up as he probably didn't expect to receive the call so soon since he has only pitched 10.1 innings on his rehab stint. He had not surrendered a run yet though and had struck out 16 batters while only walking 3 and only allowing 3 hits. If his arm is healthy, he's probably the best option the Reds have in their system right now.
  • In response to the Bray move, the Reds sent starter Sam LeCure to the minors. Don't cry for Sam though, he understands the Triple-A demotion. The Reds are playing it as a numbers move, but if you read the subtext, I think they were ready to move on to another youngster, so it made sense to make the move now. It's unclear who will take LeCure's spot in the rotation, but given that Jocketty has stated that Edinson Volquez will make 3 more starts in the minors, I would suspect that it will be either Matt Maloney or Travis Wood. If so, it would be the first start by a lefty for the Reds this season.
  • Erardi: Brandon Phillips inside the numbers. John and I took a look at Brandon Phillips surge once he moved up in the lineup. Things look good for BP right now. It's hard to say if this is just a small sample fluctuation or a real change in approach, but hopefully he keeps it up.

  • Speaking of BP, Red Hot Mama talks about what she loves about Brandon Phillips,
  • For you Yo Gabba Gabba fans, my name is Johnnie, and I like to dance!
  • I know we all gasped a little when the Reds signed Gary Matthews Jr., but don't fret, Matthews is no immediate leadoff solution. According to Dusty Baker: "Matthews has got to get his act together first," Baker said on Friday. "How do you do that without your act being together? Matthews is going to Triple-A [Louisville] to get his act together. If his act was together, he'd be playing somewhere and probably leading off." Also, how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

  • In somewhat more serious news, Ohio Cup Most Outstanding Player Shin-soo Choo could be playing his last season in the majors for a while.
  • Only 3 more days of All-Star voting left, and the Reds want you to come to their place and use their computers to vote. They'll even provide pizza. Jamie Ramsey was clearly raised on Chicago-style politics.
  • Uni Watch announces its "Worst Uni Combo Ever"